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UserID: True blue Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jul 31 2014
Thread Started: Aug 01 2014 Last Post: Mar 24 2015 Last Post By: LisaGH
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 7

I hate PVCs

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Posted Aug 01 2014#1 of 7
True blueUser Since: Jul 2014Posts: 14FI have been experiencing PVCs since the birth of my daughter 9yrs ago. I hate them so much. I have had lots of tests & blood tests & all is 'normal'. How can it be normal when your heart is popping like popcorn in your chest? How can it be normal if all my friends have never experienced a PVC? I don't drink coffee, fuzzy drinks or energy drinks. I don't eat chocolate, smoke or take drugs. I have tried magnesium & calcium tablets, hawthorn tea & trying to ignore it but all with no joy. I will try magnesium taruate but is there anything else? I am so fed up with feeling like this. No answers from the gp or consultant. Help is needed
Posted Aug 01 2014#2 of 7
Jessica KeoghUser Since: Aug 2014Posts: 1I hate them too! I am new to pvc's. Ive had them once in awhile before and now a few weeks ago they came back and have been constant since. I agree with you. I am so frustrated because how can it "feel like pocorn popping in your chest", and everything come back normal? I stay away from caffine as well and thats been the first thing every dr has asked me. Ive had a monitor and been checked out by multiple drs. Its so frustrating being told you have them but noone can tell you why. I am so scared. Idk if it is going to work, but I have a very smart friend who knows tons about the medical field, and he said many times irregular heartbeat is cause by a disk in your back that has slipped and is pinching the nerve that leads to your heart. I also visited a chiropractor just to talk (no adjustment yet). He asked if I had back pain or have been uncormfortable. I showed him where, and he said thats exactly where that nerve would be located. To me it seems like it could be very possible. I have also noticed when I am in cold water (very frequent at the pool) they seem to subside or happen only a few times. I do have a ton of stress/anxiety as well, and was told pvc's are more common in anxiety sufferers. I guess how you fix them depends on if you can figure out the cause, which can be different for many. I will have to update once I see the chiropractor again.
Posted Aug 01 2014#3 of 7
True blueUser Since: Jul 2014Posts: 14I also suffer with anxiety. I have had group CBT & now I'm having one to one CBT sessions. I have had indigestion & heartburn issues in the past, I was put on meds & sent on my way. The heartburn cleared itself up but the indigestion symptoms haven't. I am going to try apple cider vinegar to see if it eases the ectopic beats as well as the magnesium taurate. It is very interesting that the horrible beats may be caused by back issues. I do suffer with a bad back but I haven't given it much thought. Please update your progress with the chiropractor & I will update in regards to the apple cider vinegar. Fingers crossed that we find a cure or at least a reduction with theses horrible, strange & wired beads soon.

Posted Aug 02 2014#4 of 7
True blueUser Since: Jul 2014Posts: 14Went to bed with PVCs but woke up with just a few. Like always PVCs thought out the day. At approx 11.45 I had a bad run of PVCs - almost turned into a panic attack. Thank god it didn't. Thinking - is this really linked to anxiety? Is there something the doctors have missed? Are these beats ever gonna disappear for good? I can only dream I suppose. I do get small gaps when I don't feel any ectopic beats & at those times, life is great & I feel normal & at ease but soon enough they come back 'popping like popcorn' in my chest. Still taking the magnesium taurate 400mg daily & I'm just gonna take 2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar to see if getting rid of this indigestion feeling will stop these horrible & scary beats. I'm so scared that nothing will work & I will feel like this for the rest of my life. My poor daughter has to put up with a boring mum cos I'm too scared to travail or go anywhere in case I collapse & my heart stops. I'm also too scared to stay in my beautiful flat alone with my daughter in case I collapse & she'll be alone. I'm very lucky that I can stay at my mums house as & when I like. Life is not fun for PVCs suffers & the medical professionals don't understand how much these horrible beats can ruin your life. The thing is up until my 'panic attack' (well my heart went out if control) I haven't been able to cope with them & I feel as if they are worse now then ever before. I really hope that one day we sufferers can look back at out posts & say 'thank god this is all over with now' but until then I guess this is my life. Thank you PVC man for this site - at last I'm not alone!!!! Sorry for going on but this is so frustrating.
Posted Aug 30 2014#5 of 7
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15Research the Vagus nerve and see what you think. It's one of the Cranial nerves that travels down through various organs including heart and lungs and ending in your stomach. Not aware of it being affected by your back but I know if you're having stomach issues that can aggravate the vagus nerve
A lot of people seem to get more ectopic beats after eating too much or lying down after eating a meal. Happens to me all the time,

Posted Mar 16 2015#6 of 7
Ireland1User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 3I have used LIQUID magnesium Citrate from Life Solutions. I saw someone had tried it on a website and it really helped me. Still have problems occasionally but nothing like what it was and it worked the next day.

Posted Mar 24 2015#7 of 7
LisaGHUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 30True Blue ~ I felt like I was reading my own story as I read part of your posting. I too am afraid to be alone in my house when my pvc's are bad. It's so scary, and a terrible way to live.

Interesting about the possible relationship of back problems to pvc's. I'll be interested to hear any updates that Jessica can post, if she does indeed go for chiropractic adjustments.

Eric mentioned the Vagus nerve, and I've done a bunch of reading on it already (and will probably continue to do so). I agree that there is certainly the possibility that aggravation of this main nerve can cause pvc's, and stomach issues seem to be something that aggravates this nerve. I mentioned this to my PCP and he dismissed it, saying that the pvc's were coming from the electric part of the heart and stomach issues have no correlation to it. I love my PCP, but I know that if I want to pursue this potential cause that I'll need to find another doctor who will work with me in this area.

One other thing I came across during my hours and hours of research on pvc's was the use of acupuncture. I came across a story of a woman who had pvc's, as well as stomach issues, including a hiatal hernia (which I also have). She ended up going to an acupunturist, and I don't recall what success she had with it, but the acupunturist did have a course of treatement that she was going to try -- i believe it's focus was to help with the stomach issues in the hopes that that would then in turn help the pvcs. I'm seriously considering giving this a try. What do I have to lose!

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