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UserID: Cameron881 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jul 08 2014
Thread Started: Jul 08 2014 Last Post: Jul 08 2014 Last Post By: Cameron881
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How to stopping PVC's during stressful events...

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Posted Jul 08 2014#1 of 1
Cameron881User Since: Jul 2014Posts: 2My Story:
Age 34, male, 5”10, 150lbs. My PVC’s started in 2009 (stress associated with teaching / marriage) went away from 2010 – 2013 (switched jobs). Recently - Recurrent / intermittent PVC’s now from December 2013 – June 2014; including some additional symptoms including a right eye twitch, weight loss, nausea, night sweats, insomnia, gastro hurry, depression, hot / cold at times. I believe the triggers for me are associated with over sensitivity to food toxins, over sensitivity to supplements (my body believes they are pathogens and starts to flush them out) and stress associated with flying, work meetings, holidays, baby coming in October 2014 etc… I find PVC’s incredible frustrating as I work out ~5 days a week and avoid all narcotics and strong caffeinated / alcoholic beverages, have a great wife, family and job.

In January 2014 my doctor prescribed me a beta blocker, apo-metoprolol, which I found helpful and reduced my PVC’s but dropped my heart rate below 50bpm and often give me postural hypotension and pressurized headaches. We ran a battery of tests (heart & blood) which all came back fine expect a slightly higher anti-TPO rating. I find most doctors want to suppress the symptoms but not determine the route cause.

Last month, I had a bout of over 2000 pvc’s in one day (May 02, 2014 - the most I ever had before was maybe 50). I believe the trigger was a supplement toxin (first time trying it) of magnesium and vitamin B6 (synthetic). Went to ER, ran a battery of tests and put my on an IV beta blocker of propanol which dropped my PVC’s down drastically. However, since taking this beta blocker for the entire month of May it helped suppress my PVC’s but the side effects were brutal (depressed mood, nausea, insomnia).

Over the past month, I’ve tried deep breathing exercises as I believe under stress, or hyper awareness, I hold a great deal of tension in my stomach and chest which inhibits my ability to absorb vitamins and minerals which results in an increase in epinephrine “fight flight response” / PVC’s and often gastrointestinal hurry especially during an anxious situation. I find I get sweaty and hot real quick under stress. I’ve been doing deep breathing exercises and have utilized my employees assistance program (EAP) for some counselling to help with my anxiety and my PVC symptoms have dropped (there are free app’s to help).

Recently I’ve decided to cut out gluten, high glycemic foods and cheese. I’ve haven’t take a beta blocker or had a pvc since June 5, 2014; and now I’m 30+ days now PVC free. My other symptoms including right eye twitch, weight loss, nausea, night sweats, insomnia, gastro hurry, depression, hot / cold flashes have also diminished substantially. However, I had two pvc’s yesterday after doing a cardiac treadmill stress test so I’m not out of the weeds yet…

In summary
IMO Avoid the following to prevent major PVC episodes: food / supplement toxins that you are sensitive to that will irritate your bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals possibly including synthetic vitamins, caffeine, alcohol, meds and over the counter supplements. Avoid working out prior to a stressful event. Avoid cheese and gluten and possibly double sugars like potatoes (starchy foods) which could wreak havoc on your intestines.

IMO Once you have a PVC’s exacerbation Avoid: racing thoughts, anxiety, stress, tension, food / supplement toxins, caffeine, alcohol, grinding teeth, clenching face, hot drinks, hot environments.

IMO Once you have a PVC’s exacerbation improvements could include: diligent deep breathing, good diet, probotics, a restorative sleep, staying well hydrated, lying down, walking around / staying loose, omega 3, exercise, stretching, sunshine, camomile / lavender tea, lavender spray (for sleeping). Drinking cold water may help, as well splashing cold water on face, using a cold ice mask on eyes. Counselling and removing cheese and gluten and possibly double sugars like potatoes could allow your gut to heal. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy reading and I found mindfulness books and the GAPS book very interesting.

Hope this helps,

I’m incredibility passionate about eliminating pvc’s for good. I’ve done it before and I can do it again but it is frustrating when they come back. For me they flare up during stress or perceived stressors in my life. Thus, I’m very interested to know more about ways to reduce PVC’s during stressful events as I don’t want to be leery of my next pvc and it is uncomfortable to be sweaty, tense and nauseous. It appears during non-stressful event my pvc’s are totally fine. But under stress my body tenses up and I believe my body release more epinephrine and calcium, possibly from adrenal fatigue, which irritates the ventricles in my heart.

Does anyone out there have a tip or two to help manage pvc’s and stress? I’ve heard apple cider vinegar could help or possibly an electrolyte drink or cod liver oil. Is there any natural anti-anxiety / beta blockers out there? Any books to read? Anybody tried getting an Acid Test done?

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