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UserID: LoveBeats Type: CurePVCs Joined: Feb 10 2014
Thread Started: Mar 31 2014 Last Post: Aug 04 2014 Last Post By: tim_77
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 9

Heres Your Cure

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Posted Mar 31 2014#1 of 9
LoveBeatsUser Since: Feb 2014Posts: 9Hello

I'll keep it simple and sweet. I have PVC experience and I cured myself taking the following suppliments. Give it 2 months, you will notice a huge difference an 2 days to a week! 2 months GONE! Maybe sooner...


Sub Lingual B-12 2x day

SlowMag 2 tablets (1 in morning and 1 in evenning)
CoQ10 1 daily
Multi Vitamin containing All the B Vitamins to include Folic Acid
Omega 3
Kelp *(Kelpcom made by Energique is ideal!) Take 15 to 30 drops daily..

*cut back on Slow mag to once a day once your pvcs reduce

Nuff said..

Best of luck to you all.....You are all suffering from B12 Deficiency or inability to absorb B Vitamins from food.
Posted Apr 01 2014#2 of 9
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hey LoveBeats,

It is great when people make the effort to share possible solutions like you have.
Many thanks for this.
Posted Apr 01 2014#3 of 9
LoveBeatsUser Since: Feb 2014Posts: 9LOL..Thank You

I have a long story too, but was short on time. My PVC's are gone and when they were present, I was just as scared and confused as everyone else, trying this and that..getting frustrated and disappointed.

I discovered from a Wholistic M.D. that my B-12 was very low. But funny thing is, she didn't personally tell me, it was in a lab report sent to me after my blood work and I never saw that note about the b-12!! So I went 6 months not knowing, then I went VEGAN! And two weeks after going Vegan...BAMMMMM PVC"S!! It wasn't the first time I had them, but this was horrific! Not resolving and by the grace of god..I was going through papers and saw my old lab report and read it. I was so upset to see I was deficient all that time.

I started the above regimen immediatly and got results in 2 days. The pvc's continued to subside over the weeks and 2 months later, they are gone. I never stopped exercising, regardless of PVC's getting more noticeable afterward. Now I have none.

I should note also, that I had another medical problem that no doctor was able to tell me what was wrong. For 8 years! I suffered with what seemed to be symptoms of hypoglycemia, vertigo on occasion, tachicardia in the middle of the night only, but only at night when I was sleeping. So many doctors and no answers. since taking the above supplements, those symptoms have vanished as well.

All my symptoms to include pvc's were from malabsorption of B vitamins to include Folic Acid and B-12.

Well, I sure hope my info can help someone. Please note that I also have a structurally sound heart and no other heart problems. You should still see your cardiologist to be sure.


Posted Aug 02 2014#4 of 9
True blueUser Since: Jul 2014Posts: 14How are you pvcs? Have they returned? Im new to this site & I am desperate for a solution. I have had enough of them!! Its gonna send me crazy very soon.
Posted Aug 02 2014#5 of 9
LoveBeatsUser Since: Feb 2014Posts: 9Well, I continue to take all those suppliments. But I also discovered Decaf White tea. I drink 3 a day with fresh lemon. I don't know, it could all be coincidence. But they are gone. It helped immediately, reduce them. But then all of a sudden, gone.

another coorelation I am making is if you are prone to pvc's, avoid facial fillers and botox. I think it triggers attacks.

Stay hydrated, fresh lemon in your water, slow mag, potassium (very tiny amounts of this) and kelp.

Good luck!!! Let me know how you do

Posted Aug 02 2014#6 of 9
True blueUser Since: Jul 2014Posts: 14I'm so pleased for you that your ectopic beats are a thing of the past. I no for a fact that I don't drink enough fluids throughout the day. So I will buy some fresh lemon & some bottled water. What is white tea? Is it just normal decaf tea bags or is it called white tea? I have been using magnesium taurate daily & a multi vit containing all the b vits & folic acid. I will update my progress. Thank you for your advice

Posted Aug 03 2014#7 of 9
LoveBeatsUser Since: Feb 2014Posts: 9And the number one best way to reduce or eliminate PVC's....

Oxygen!!! You may not realize it, but if you are stressed, you don't breath properly. Also, if you are in a/c all day long with no fresh air....less oxygen.

I suggest listening to some audio on Conscious Breathing. Becoming aware of your breath and the quality of the air you are breathing all the time!

This definately works for me. I believe it is the first thing to do in trying to help ourselves feel comfortable all the time.

Good luck to all! I love feed back!!!

Posted Aug 04 2014#8 of 9
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228

And the number one best way to reduce or eliminate PVC's....

Oxygen!!! You may not realize it, but if you are stressed, you don't breath properly. Also, if you are in a/c all day long with no fresh air....less oxygen.

It is really interesting you mentioned Oxygen. For the last 2 years, we (my family and I) have been living without a car (we still drive, but only hire a car when we need one). As a result, I spend A LOT more time out in the fresh air. When I am not walking I am cycling and I am fairly convinced that as a result, I have developed a much better breathing pattern.
Posted Aug 04 2014#9 of 9
tim_77User Since: Jul 2014Posts: 27as far as oxygen - i live on a property surrounded by plants with my windows always open, and i bike 5-10 miles every morning before work.
sometimes taking a deep breath seems to trigger PVCs after not having had any for a few minutes.
We're all different. :\

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