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UserID: 6 Mile Girl Type: CurePVCs Joined: Dec 29 2013
Thread Started: Dec 29 2013 Last Post: Jan 03 2014 Last Post By: Cubsfan3
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

New girl on the block

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Posted Dec 29 2013#1 of 2
6 Mile GirlUser Since: Dec 2013Posts: 2Any advice for a new girl? Was diagnosed with pvc with 3 additional fast heart beats last week from my doctor, during a regular routine yearly checkup. I had an abnormal ecg, and I have to see the cardiologist Friday for a echocardiogram. Dr said that she see this in elderly adults not in a women in her early 40's who runs 6 miles a day. Okay....she got my attention. I am a bit nervous about seeing cardiologist Friday, any words of wisdom for me?
Posted Jan 03 2014#2 of 2
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28My EKGs are always abnormal. I had all the tests done, even an angiogram and was told I have a perfectly healthy heart. Let me know what the cardiologist says.

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