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UserID: alfy12 Type: Facebook Joined: Oct 27 2013
Thread Started: Nov 26 2013 Last Post: Dec 24 2013 Last Post By: alfy12
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 14

PVCs bad at the moment

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Posted Dec 16 2013#11 of 14
David SmothersUser Since: Dec 2013Posts: 1Alfy... cut all hot food out of your diet for a while. In my family, wev'e found that pepper, cinnamon, mustard will trigger PVC's. Basically, if it feels hot on your tongue, avoid it for a while, it seems to help us alot. Chocolate, black pepper and cinnamon seems to be our biggest offenders. WE substitute allspice for cinnamon and it works pretty well and doens't bother us.
Posted Dec 18 2013#12 of 14
alfy12User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 22Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I don't eat cinnamon but I do eat some chocolate and spicy food on occasions. I don't suffer from gastric reflux like some others on this forum. I'll keep an eye on the spicy food and see if there is any improvement.


Posted Dec 18 2013#13 of 14
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hi Alfy!

How long do you have to wait for your monitor results?
The nurse said mine will take 2 weeks but my cardiologist wants to see me in four month's which to me is a bit odd!!
I'm not waiting that long!!
And how are your ectopics today?
I had them every 3 beats the other night and when i woke up they were gone!!..all day! But unfortunatley they are back at 1-2 per minute! These things confuse the hell out of me!!!!
Take care :-)

Posted Dec 24 2013#14 of 14
alfy12User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 22Hello Miss Spice Bomb,

I don't have an indication of how long it will be for the results of the Holter monitor test. I'll see my gp again in the New Year and see if anything has come through. I'm feeling better after the increase of Isoptin to 40mg 3 times per day and getting rid of Taurine all together. Just ISOPTIN and Magnesium and feeling good. I'm having about 2 ectopic beats per minute when I'm well and occasionally getting 10-15 at times but not often. My ectopic beats are hardly noticeable today so I'm in an excellent frame of mind. Just in time for Xmas. Hope you have a happy festive season and your ectopic beats are few.

Merry Xmas

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