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UserID: miss spice bomb Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 29 2013
Thread Started: Nov 05 2013 Last Post: Nov 20 2013 Last Post By: miss spice bomb
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 4

Number of PVC'S

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Posted Nov 05 2013#1 of 4
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47How many pvc's does everyone get in one day??
Mine vary from the hundreds one day ... And thousands the next!
Posted Nov 08 2013#2 of 4
alfy12User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 22Hello Miss Spice Bomb,

I have had a good week as far as pvcs are concerned but I'm having a bad run of them this evening. Have been probably in the low hundreds for the entire week and then into the thousands now. It's all a bit hit and miss. Work stress could be the culprit today. Weekend now so I'll see how it goes.

Posted Nov 20 2013#3 of 4
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15Hey MSP,

It definitely varies week to week for me too. Lately the PVC's have been occurring in the evening and lasting all night and then they stop sometime mid morning. I started on Fluoxetine (Prozac) 10mg about 3 weeks ago to see if will help with my anxiety. My Dr. told me it will take about 4-6 weeks to start working but I think it's starting to help already. I wanted to find out if you were still taking Taurine. If so is it helping?? I would like to find a natural supplement to cure these darn PVC's. Take care,


Posted Nov 20 2013#4 of 4
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hello :-)

My PVC'S at the moment have settled down slightly!
I'm still getting regular ones but i seem to be getting more of a break from them!!
Like i can get a few and then they will go quiet for an hour or so!
This is a great relief for me and i think taking Taurine has made a difference!! Also i experienced NO side effects from this!!
My anti anxiety med citalopram has been great too! It really has been helping me keep calm!!
Its great your prozac is working for you!! I thought mine started to work pretty quickly aswell!

I would recommend the Taurine!
Take care! :)

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