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UserID: Andrew90 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 14 2013
Thread Started: Oct 26 2013 Last Post: Nov 08 2013 Last Post By: Andrew90
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 13

My current plan for Treating PVC's/Palpitations

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Posted Oct 26 2013#1 of 13
Andrew90User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 10Greetings,

So I have been conducting some research on ways to lessen the prevalence of these irregular heart rhythms/palpitations, and earlier today purchased a bottle of Magnesium Gylcinate (400 mg), a bottle of Potassium Gluconate (99 mg), and 1000 mg of Taurine. I plan to take the Magnesium twice a day, once in the morning upon waking, and once at bedtime. The potassium I am unsure of when to take, but might take 3 pills with every meal (891 mg per day of supplemented potassium), and the taurine I will start out with 1000 mg per day and see how I feel from there.

I'd also like to note that I am a 23 year old male, currently prescribed Remeron 45 mg, Klonopin 1 mg daily, and Tenex (Guanfacine) 1 mg twice a day. These help out with my depression and anxiety - my high anxiety at times has left me with an elevated resting HR and more 'pronounced' PVCs, and so these medications together have really been very helpful in mitigating that.

Any thoughts or experiences some of you can chime in with? This is an ongoing fight to alleviate these PVC's, so I am always looking for more knowledge on the subject.
Posted Oct 27 2013#2 of 13
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Can I just you know if your allowed to take 1000mg of Taurine in one day?
Because Im Taking Taurine and mine states no more than 500mg.
I'd like to increase the dose but can't find any information on dosages!!
Thanks! :-)
Posted Oct 27 2013#3 of 13
Andrew90User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 10Yes, from what I've read the RDA of daily Taurine intake is anywhere from 2-6 grams. In a study that was conducted for 3 people with arrhythmia's, where taurine and arginine were used, doses as high as 10-20 grams were used for taurine. That's definitely on the high side though, so I don't think I'd go up that high.

So, 500 mg is actually relatively low. 1000 mg is where I'm starting out with.

Hope that answers your question :)

Posted Oct 27 2013#4 of 13
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hey :-) Thank you for your reply!!
I'll be upping my Taurine intake from tomorrow!
Let us know how you get on with the supplements!! :-)
Take care!
Posted Nov 03 2013#5 of 13
Andrew90User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 10I'd like to post an update regarding my current treatment plan.

About 8 days ago I decided to purchase Magnesium Glycinate & Taurine in the hopes of lessening the incidence of PVC's I was getting on a daily basis. I would like to happily report that since taking 400 mg of the Magnesium Glycinate each day, my PVC's are virtually gone. I have gone for over one week with my supplementation of Magnesium, and the difference has been like night and day. Over the past week, I have gotten less than 10 PVC's. Typically, over the course of a week, I would have perhaps 1,000 or more.

I had read about the role of Magnesium in promoting normal heart rhythms, and am so very glad to have tried utilizing this essential mineral as a supplement. Again, I would like to emphasize that my PVC's are virtually gone now that I take 400 mg of Magnesium Glycinate each morning. Magnesium Glycinate is the ideal formulation of Magnesium to consume, because it is the most bio-available of all the other Magnesium formulations, and so you get the most milligrams digested from it relative to other forms of supplemented Magnesium (oxide, ascorbate, citrate, sulfate, etc.).

The magnesium supplementation has worked so well for me thus far that I haven't even yet tried supplementing with Taurine. I will however try the Taurine as I've read numerous reports on its benefits for the heart and dampening the effects of the sympathetic nervous system and regulating blood pressure.

Lastly, I would like to share with you guys a wonderful article by the reputed pharmacist Suzy Cohen on nutritional deficiencies and cardiac arrhythmias.

The link is:

Posted Nov 06 2013#6 of 13
DooDaa1227User Since: Jun 2013Posts: 5This is so great to hear, as you know, the magnesium worked for me, but from your experience, I might try slowly reducing the potassium and see if the magnesium still works well enough to not need as much of it....potassium can be ******* your kidneys sometimes. I'm so glad to hear you have found relief - everyone on here can probably attest to what a torture these PVCs can be and doctors have zero interest advocating preventative medicine or discussing supplements to your diet. They often are eager to operate and really these kinds of things have to be independently pursued....I understand being an advocate for your own best interests and good health, but it is a shame these cardiologists are not interested in really solving the problem, only zapping the heart and eliminating a symptom......anyway, congratulations!

Posted Nov 06 2013#7 of 13
DooDaa1227User Since: Jun 2013Posts: 5


Andrew, the article you found and posted is so helpful. I hope everyone coming to this website reads it.....
I am literally printing it out and highlighting it and taking it to the nutrient store to research. Thanks a million!
Posted Nov 06 2013#8 of 13
Andrew90User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 10



Andrew, the article you found and posted is so helpful. I hope everyone coming to this website reads it.....
I am literally printing it out and highlighting it and taking it to the nutrient store to research. Thanks a million!

I am very glad to have helped you with this article. I too was amazed at how comprehensive yet direct this article was on the matter of nutritional deficiencies. Virtually all of the key nutrients discussed in that article play a role in ectopic heartbeats, and it's really a matter of experimenting with those supplements to see how they affect you and alleviate PVC's.

As I said, in my case, magnesium glycinate 400 mg daily really seems to have cut the head off the snake of these fickle PVC's. I still get a few here and there, but nowhere near as many as I would before I took this daily regimen of magnesium. I am currently wearing a 2 week cardionet MCOT monitor, so I am curious as to how many PVC's or PAC's it will register. I will continue keeping this thread updated and alive.

I will also be trying out Potassium Gluconate supplementation, at 3 tablets of 99 mg daily at first, and will work my way up from there. I am sure of it that I am not reaching anywhere near the RDA of 4,700 mg of Potassium daily. So I am going to work on improving that.
Posted Nov 08 2013#9 of 13
DooDaa1227User Since: Jun 2013Posts: 5Just ordered my new supplements! Very excited to see if there's any difference in these versus what I have been taking....what I have has pretty much calmed everything to a crawl but I'm looking to zap the last few of these PVCs. I go to swanson vitamins, if you just google that it should pop up. They have very good prices and I think they ship everywhere....they're based in the US. The Propionyl L-carnitine is new they say and so it's pricier, but I got it anyway to try it out. I will post as soon as they come and I have a few days to feel the effects. I will post my dosages too. They timeline function of this site seems very useful, maybe I'll post mine and that will help folks....the more the better I guess.

Posted Nov 08 2013#10 of 13
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228

The timeline function of this site seems very useful, maybe I'll post mine and that will help folks....the more the better I guess.

I thought the timeline feature was a good idea at the time but feel it's a bit too much like a time-stamped discussion thread with a bit of graphics. One thing I am planning though, is a nutrition diary. It's a simplified version of many diet diaries, but aimed more specifically at supplements and a history. This would drive the timeline.

Of course, feel free to use the existing timeline for now though.
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