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UserID: ericyabro Type: CurePVCs Joined: Oct 24 2013
Thread Started: Oct 24 2013 Last Post: Nov 01 2013 Last Post By: alfy12
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 20


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Posted Oct 24 2013#1 of 20
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15My name is Eric and I'm new here. I'm a long time sufferer of PVC's and PAC's for over 12 years. I've tried every trick in the book to find a cure for these. So many times I thought I found a cure but sure enough I was wrong. They are so bad now that I think I have more PVC's than I do normal beats on a daily basis. The only medication I have tried and am currently on are beta blockers. My cardiologist recommends going on some type of an anti-arrhythmic drug since he doesn't know what is causing them. He also said that I'm not a candidate for the ablation procedure since my PVC's are benign. I'm sure that sounds familiar for all of you... Anyway, I feel for you all who get them.
I hope these will go away soon and never return. Take care.

Posted Oct 25 2013#2 of 20
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hi there :-)

I'm sorry your having so many PVC'S!!
I know how annoying these things are!! How are you finding the beta blocker? Have you noticed an improvement?
I've tried all sorts of supplements and giving up things but nothing seems to make a difference!!
I'm taking taurine at the moment to see if that helps as I've read some good things about it treating irregular heart rhythms!
I've also read about something called candida albacans, that if you have an overgrowth of it in your system that can cause PVC'S.
I'll be having a look into that!!
Hope you find relief soon!! :-)
Take care!
Posted Oct 25 2013#3 of 20
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15Hey miss spice bomb, I've tried to reply 2 times already but it's not showing up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but let's try again.

Medication I'm on is Metoprolol at 25mg 2x/day. I've been on this for a little over a year now. It doesn't really help much. Mainly just helps decrease the sensation of them but not every time for some reason. The added benefit was it did help lower my blood pressure a bit now at 110/70.
Has your Dr. talked to you about trying a beta blocker?? It might help you but if it doesn't than I wouldn't keep taking it because then your body becomes dependent on it, like most drugs do
Let me know if the Taurine helps you. After you mentioned it i decided to do some research on it and it does look like it could help so good luck on that.
Have you ever researched the Vagus nerve and heart arrhythmia's?? This is what I think is causing mine. Sometimes I can press up under my ribs on the left side and actually cause some PVC's to occur. Could just be a coincidence though but even pressing on my stomach also causes some PVC's to occur as well so who knows!!! It almost seems like my Vagus nerve is in the wrong spot.
Anyway, I hope the Taurine helps you. Take care

Posted Oct 26 2013#4 of 20
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hi Eric :-)

My doctor prescribed me a beta blocker called prapanalol but I'm reluctant to take it as my resting heart rate can be in the mid 40's an my blood pressure is already on the low side!!
I'm on an anti anxiety med at the moment because the pvc's were causing my great anxiety! I've been taking them for over 5 weeks and I think they have had a calming effect!!
The Taurine I take is 500 mg and I did get 2 days where I had no pvc's but then they came back,but they seem to be lighter than what they were before!!
I'm not sure what dosage your supposed to take, my doctor is no help as he doesn't even know what Taurine is!
I've read that Taurine and L-arginine taken together can help with pvc's! But I think there is more side effects with the L-arginine as Taurine has none!!
And yes I do think pvc's have some connection to the vagus nerve as when my stomach is playing up it makes my pvc's worse!!
I can even make a PVC happen when I take deep things are quite a mystery!!

Take care :-)
Posted Oct 26 2013#5 of 20
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15Hello again,

I was wondering do you get lightheaded or dizzy from having such a slow resting heart rate? You definitely do not want to take a beta blocker with having bradycardia and low blood pressure.
Do you mind me asking what anti-anxiety med you are taking? I've tried a few of them like Ativan and Xanax. Sometimes they help me and sometimes they don't.
I plan on ordering some Taurine. I think 500mg is the normal dosage but maybe we need more with having PVC's. Most Doctors don't know much about natural supplements or remedies. They would rather prescribe a drug. I wish I could find a Dr. that has PVC's so they can relate instead of making us feel like we are crazy. Anyway, it's Saturday. Time to enjoy the weekend. Take care

Posted Oct 27 2013#6 of 20
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hello :-)
I'm currently taking Citalopram at 10mg! Its been a real help in regulating my anxiety! And I didn't have many side effects either,
The ones I did have ..drowsiness,jaw clenching,loss of appetite faded in as little as three days!! So I'm quite pleased with this med!!
Regarding my pulse rate I never feel lightheaded or dizzy. I think its just normal to me! I'm quite slim so my doctor thinks its because of that and I'm always active running around after my 17 month old! I did used to exercise quite a lot a couple of years ago and I know that can drop your resting rate!
Do you ever get the pvc's in a row? I sometimes get 3-6 in a row! It don't seem like its fast when its happening,and my doc isn't concerned neither!
My husband has a cardiologist and I got him to ask if he had any pvc's and he said yes he gets them all the time and there nothing to worry about! So if he's not worried I guess we shouldn't! They are quite annoying though don't you :-)
Take care :-)

Posted Oct 27 2013#7 of 20
ericyabroUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 15I used to take Fluoxetine (Prozac) which is in the same class SSRI's as Citalopram. I actually had some benefits from it but eventually I found out it was affecting my Liver through blood tests so I stopped taking it. Since I stopped everything went back to normal.

Does your husband get PVC's also? My wife doesn't but she understands how miserable they must be
She's learned over the years to just leave me alone when I'm having a bad day of them. It's more difficult when you have kids because they don't understand. They just want their Dad to play with.
Unfortunately on the bad days I prefer to be left alone and not go anywhere either.

Yes I do get several PVC's together at least that what it feels like. I'm actually having some as I type this. lol Sometimes it feels like my heart is never going to beat right again. Do you ever feel like that? It really doesn't seem like your heart is able to pump out enough blood when it flutters like that but obviously it is or we wouldn't be here.
Anyways, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Posted Oct 27 2013#8 of 20
alfy12User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 22Hello Eric,

I can totally relate to what you are going through. I have been living with PVCs for the past 26 years on and off. Lately they have been bad with up to 20,000 per day. I have seen the cardiologist and he did a stress test and CT Angiogram. No heart disease detected. I find these episodes of PVCs frustrating and tend to ruin my day. I try to ignore them but it is hard to get on with life. I have tried beta blockers in the past with some success but found my blood pressure getting a bit low. Doctor has now put me on Calcium channel blockers but I feel they are less effective than the beta blockers.

I feel sorry for my poor wife as we are only recently married. It is hard for her to understand what I'm going through. The thoughts of doom and gloom instead of looking to the future with my beautiful wife.

I'm going to try some of the natural products suggested on this site to reduce the severity of the PVCs. I hope you have some success doing the same.

Posted Oct 28 2013#9 of 20
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Eric :-)

My husband had a heart attack when he was 26...he is 36 now and he has regular visits to a cardiologist just for check ups and to review his medication! But believe it or not he NEVER gets pvc's whatsoever!! He didn't have them before his heart attack either! Lol :-) I sometimes joke with him that I'm kinda jealous!!
Yes it does feel like your blood isn't pumping around properly when you have pvc's in a row! I get bigeminy as well sometimes (PVC every other beat) I can't seem to relax when that's happening!!
I also get withdrawn when I'm having a bad day and I know it must be frustrating for my husband but they truly are quite disturbing when they won't let up!!

Alfy :-)

You say you have over 20.000 per day...has your cardio thought about Ablation??
I really feel for you having that many!!
Have you tried any supplements?? Have you had any luck with them?

Posted Oct 28 2013#10 of 20
alfy12User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 22Hello miss spice bomb,

Don't want to hijack Erics thread. I will consider ablation if my doctor can't get the pvcs under control. Unfortunately it is difficult to see the cardiologist in country Australia with 3 month waiting times. So I'm left with my gp trying to sought things out. The Ablation procedure is expensive and I haven't been in a health fund long enough to claim. I did see the cardiologist in June but no Holter monitoring was done. Just feeling frustrated at the poor level of health care in this country. Only the rich can afford immediate treatment.

I have been taking coenzyme A 10 and Magnesium in capsule former once a day. My gp has ordered a blood test to check magnesium and potassium levels. I get the results on Wednesday. Let you know how I get on.

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