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UserID: miss spice bomb Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 29 2013
Thread Started: Sep 21 2013 Last Post: Dec 24 2013 Last Post By: miss spice bomb
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 14


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Posted Sep 21 2013#1 of 14
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Has anyone ever tried Taking Taurine??
Someone told me they read an online study about three individuals that had tons of pvc's, who on taking Taurine supplements noticed at least a 50% reduction in pvc's!!
Also I think they took L-arginine as well!!
Might look into this a bit more!!
Posted Sep 23 2013#2 of 14
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi miss spice bomb.

Apologies you haven't received a reply yet. Your question is not something I have experience with so can't give any useful advice.

We regularly have new members sign up, so obviously the PVC ailment is relatively common and people are keen to share and learn, but after signing up many people often don't come back.

When I have time, I'm going to start writing some newsletters to try and draw people back to the forums here which should improve responses to questions such as yours.

I hope someone soon provides a meaningful and useful reply to you.

Best wishes
Posted Oct 08 2013#3 of 14
ssmickelsonUser Since: Aug 2013Posts: 1Miss Spice Bomb.

Here is a link to the study you referred to:

Be well,

Posted Oct 10 2013#4 of 14
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Thanks ssmickelson for that link.

I have re-provided it here as a clickable link:
Taurine and Arrhythmias

I've often found the topic of taurine interesting considering it goes hand-in-hand with caffeine such as ingredients in energy drinks (one of the biggest NO-NOs to arrhythmia sufferers). I have to say though, I have never noticed any ellevation in PVCs as a result of consuming an energy drink (not that I drink them normally) or coffee. I've even wondered if they put taurine in the energy drinks to offset the caffeine! :-)
Posted Oct 10 2013#5 of 14
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hey :-)

I read that study and its seems that Taurine and L-arginine are particularly good for Arrhythmias!!
I'm not too keen on taking the L-arginine as it can have more side effects,so I'm giving Taurines a go on its own.
I'm taking only 500mg at the moment as I don't want it to upset my stomach, I've been taking it only for 3 days so I'll give it at least a month to see if there's any difference in my pvc's!!
I too don't notice an increase in my pvc's if I have a little caffeine!!
I've cut things out then added them back in my diet and there's been no difference in frequency of pvc's
So I don't think its anything I'm drinking or eating!!
I think people who have a lot of energy drinks have problems because of that fact..they drink a lot!!
Its the same if you were to drink several cups of coffee or soda!!
Here's to seeing if this Taurine is any good!! :-)
Posted Oct 10 2013#6 of 14
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Great stuff. Keep us posted.

Posted Oct 24 2013#7 of 14
Andrew90User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 10Please post your progress with your taurine trial. I am curious as to how effective it might be in reducing ectopic beats.
Posted Oct 25 2013#8 of 14
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47I've been taking 500 mg of Taurine for just over three weeks now! And after about a week I had 2 days where I didn't get any pvc's at all!! This was heaven!!
But after that they came back :-(
but one thing I have noticed is that my pvc's are more light now as in I really have to be looking out for them!!
I still get them regular but the sensation has been reduced from the hard thumps to little butterfly flicks!!
I don't know how much you are supposed to take in one day! 500 mg is quite a small dose compared to what others take,I think I've read about a man who took about 2-6grams..The thing is doctor hasn't got a clue what taurine is,so I have trouble finding out the right dosage!! Im on the lowest dose so maybe I ought to increase it ?? I'm not sure.
Posted Nov 26 2013#9 of 14
RobinoftheHoodUser Since: Nov 2013Posts: 2I've recently started taking taurine and it works great, my PVCs are totally gone now.

4 months ago I got terrible PVCs, 10,000-20,000 per day, totally out of the blue, never had them before. Thought I was gonna drop dead at any moment. I'm 31, active healthy male and went to emergency where they told me what they were and to ignore them or take a beta blocker.

I wasn't to keen to take medication for something the doctor said was harmless but uncomfortable, so I did some reading and found a lot of people having success with magnesium. So I took 3 tablets of 100mg of magnesium citrate per day and within a few days the PVCs went down in their intensity dramatically (ie. the pounds were not so hard) but they were still there and would flair up from time to time. It also caused stomach problems as citrate often does, so I looked into other options. I switched to magnesium glycinate, which is better absorbed and does not cause stomach problems. My PVCs amount and intensity went down again, but were still there and would flair up throughout the day.

Then I read about taurine. Two weeks ago I started taking 1000mg powder of taurine 3 times a day and within a day the PVCs were almost completely gone. After two weeks there is no sign of them anymore. Current supplementation of 1000mg of taurine 3 times per day and 120mg tablets of magnesium glycinate 3 times per day seems to work for me.

I'm no doctor so I can't recommend taurine supplement amounts, and one should always consult with their doctor. But for me, taurine and magnesium glycinate together have worked wonders, it's amazing to just feel normal again. Would highly recommend giving taurine a shot if you've been ok'd to try it by your doctor. Magnesium taurate (Magnesium bound to taurine) is also apparently supposed to be really good, haven't tried it yet though. For now I'm simply happy to have something that works.

Posted Dec 02 2013#10 of 14
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hi :-)

Its so great to hear that Taurine is working for you!!
I would like to increase my dose as im only taking 500mg per I think it helps but i would like the pvc's to stop altogether!!
Please keep us updated on your progress!!
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