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UserID: manjeet Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 19 2013
Thread Started: Sep 19 2013 Last Post: Oct 14 2013 Last Post By: Jon Thanos
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

quit liquor got pvc

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Posted Sep 19 2013#1 of 2
manjeetUser Since: Sep 2013Posts: 1hey i have been a heavy drinker ( binges on weekends mostly ; 7-8 drinks per session, and more if i have good company and party).
and also most days i do about 5k walk/jog. i am indian, 49, 100 kg, 6 ft 2.
the day i quit boozing i got the first attack of pvc after the walk. then they came back the next day and haven’t gone since last 1 month.
my ecg confirms pvc. otherwise is ok.
earlier i had them due to stress- they would last a couple of hours and go away. and occur maybe once a year. now i am had.
planning to start liquor once again next weekend. been two months since i kicked the damn habit thinking i will live life to the full. full my foot !
maybe the damn heart needs its tonic.liquor is a great stimulant - tells those bugging’ heart muscles to move that ass.
my dad had a history of heart hassles all his life. he too enjoyed his daily 4 large scotch and soda. the guy passed away at 75- i miss him terribly - you are never too old to lose a parent , i say.
doc wants me to check whether my heart is enlarged because of boozing. will get checked next week.
guys any success stories here, please share without the detailed pre-workups and come to the point pronto. the pvc comes on stronger when you are reading about them.
i am rich, happily married with loving family and no other i want to get out there and beat it. i am not letting this pvc get the better of me. i will try every possible remedy under the sky- including allopathy, yoga, pranayam etc.
so please share an idea if ya got one.
Posted Oct 14 2013#2 of 2
Jon ThanosUser Since: Oct 2013Posts: 1Hi you got me thinking. I just kind of lost any interest in drinking unless there was bloody Mary around. Your story made me think about what did I change in my lifestyle and the lack of alchohol is right in time with the doctors bringing to my attention the pvc's. I am asymptomatic they are telling me I have but I dont notice them. They have consistantly advised I receive an internal defibulater.

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