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UserID: RichardAZ Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 09 2013
Thread Started: Sep 09 2013 Last Post: Sep 13 2013 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 2

Lots of electrolyte water and cutting out omega 3 oils worked for me

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Posted Sep 09 2013#1 of 2
RichardAZUser Since: Sep 2013Posts: 1I've suffered from PVCs for about a year that have been getting worse with stress. I've also suffered from PSVT for about 30 years (PSVT causes my heart rate to hit 300 beats per minute on occasion).

Unfortunately I learned in the past year that PVCs can set off my PSVT rhythm, which almost sent me to the hospital one evening.

I found out that the fish oil I was taking was actually contributing to my PVCs. I stopped the fish oil and went from about 50 noticeable PVCs a day down to about 10.

The next week I started drinking electrolyte water, the kind one would give to a baby with diarrhea.

Immediately after that, I'd say within an hour, the PVCs completely stopped. I don't even get one PVC a day now. It's been a few days so far, fingers crossed.

I don't think it was the magnesium in the electrolyte water because I tried taking large doses of magnesium before this to no avail. I also don't think it was sodium (I already get too much of that) or the potassium because I've been eating bananas like a monkey. Couldn't be chloride because I get enough sodium.

In conclusion I guess it was dehydration... because I normally don't get enough fluids and I'm guessing the several litters of electrolyte water helped a bunch. I live in the desert by the way (Arizona), so duh? Should have known.

Just something to watch out for. Oh by the way, I did have bad heart burn one evening when my PVCs were the worst, and I think that contributed to it as well. Maybe there's a connection with dehydration and heart burn.
Posted Sep 13 2013#2 of 2
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi RichardAZ,

Many thanks for sharing this with us, it was an interesting read.

On the Magnesium front, I never got any immediate results from taking it, but then I have heard people talk about so many kinds of Magnesium that I started to wonder if different types effect different people.

It's interesting you mentioned fish oil, because another poster a little while ago mentioned that they started taking fish oil for joint problems and their PVCs subsided soon after. This just goes to show that "one man's meat is another man's poison"!

Thanks again for sharing this, because there's always a chance that someone else here is in the same boat but havn't tried your solution.

I am a firm believer that gastric issues and PVCs go hand-in-hand, and have also found personally that dehydration exacerbates that, so I think you're on to something there.

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