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UserID: masswood Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 07 2013
Thread Started: Sep 07 2013 Last Post: Sep 07 2013 Last Post By: masswood
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

magnesium and pvcs

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Posted Sep 07 2013#1 of 3
masswoodUser Since: Sep 2013Posts: 2Hello, I am new to the forum and lately struggling thru a week or so of PVCS. I am not new to pvcs as I have had them for years just not to this magnitude. I was watching a commercial on nexium and it was stated that one of the side effects was low magnesium levels. Well I have been taking omeprazole for years for gerd and as I get older the pvcs seem to get worse. is it possible there is a correlation between low magnesium caused by the PPIS and pvcs? what magnesium supplement do people use? thanks

Posted Sep 07 2013#2 of 3
AndyRewUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 22Hi Joe and welcome...

I have been a member here for a few years now. I was first drawn to this site because of PVCMan's story about how his heartburn, PPI and PVCs went hand-in-hand.

PVCMan's Story

Have a read because it sounds like you are in the same position as him.

Posted Sep 07 2013#3 of 3
masswoodUser Since: Sep 2013Posts: 2Thanks Andy!

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