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UserID: jmmatthews Type: Facebook Joined: Aug 04 2013
Thread Started: Aug 04 2013 Last Post: Oct 11 2013 Last Post By: jmmatthews
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 13

Eff these Pvcs!!! lol! Anyone have any advice!?

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Posted Sep 04 2013#11 of 13
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Thanks for the info!!
I'll give it a try as I'm desperate for these things to give me a break!! :-)
Posted Sep 04 2013#12 of 13
loudom2001User Since: Sep 2013Posts: 4I hope it helps you like it has helped me...i take taurine with the olive leaf. My heart rate has been so quiet and that is just how i like it!
Posted Oct 11 2013#13 of 13
jmmatthewsUser Since: Aug 2013Posts: 4I would love to only have 1 or 2 pvc a minute...i have horrible pvcs im talking every other beat constant some times...its ****ing me off to no end. Im not scared it just bugs the **** out of me. Oh and i tried that olive leaf extract thing...nope, didnt do **** but cost me 23 bucks for nothing.

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