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UserID: Cubsfan3 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Apr 01 2013
Thread Started: Jul 23 2013 Last Post: Nov 16 2015 Last Post By: oceanveau361
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 7

Trip to the ER tonight

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Posted Jul 23 2013#1 of 7
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Well I thought I had these things figured out a few months ago when the magnesium appeared to get rid of them. However, they returned and the magnesium did very little. I have not really been that stressed about them becuase I knew when they would go away. For example I would get them pretty much everyday at work and knew they would go away on the ride home. And sure enough they did. Maybe get a few lone ones after that but nothing serious. Also, I am a huge Blackhawks fan and sure enough while I would be watching the playoff games they would come at a rate of about 3-4 per minute for the entire game. However, I was not worried becuase soon after the games would end they would go away. Well I just experienced the worst 3 days of my PVC life. They started Saturday and and have been with me up til tonight when I finally decided to go to the ER. I have no idea why they would not go away like they usually do. So all tests tonight came back normal and will be following up with a new cardiologist tomorrow. I was given a beta blocker and Xanax and as I type this they have calmed down tremendously. I am not a huge fan of taking medications at all. But I was really really really desperate.
Knowing that stressful things such as work and watching hockey gets them going, that tells me they are adrenaline related. I do have mitral valve prolapse and after doing some research have discovered that people with MVP have very sensitive sympathetic nervous systems. I use to get panic attacks years ago but was able to talk my way out of them. I guess maybe I am just wired a little differently. The thing that upsets me is that they have gotten worse over the past 2 years. Not sure why. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
Posted Jul 23 2013#2 of 7
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hi cubsfan3 :-)

You say you dont understand why your PVC'S have become worse? Well that's my case too!! I used to have random one's here and there,but now they are very frequent! Also I get PVC storms where they come every other beat for hours!! Now those ones are very scary,and have sent me to the A&E department on a few occations!! I too have tried magnesium and you think it works for a while only for the PVC'S to return! I'm sure its a placebo effect! How do yours feel? Mine are like thumps when they are random,and more like flutters when I have the storms!! You say you have MVP! I'm sure I've read that PVC'S are more common with that, and are benign! Have you had a 24 hour ECG fitted?? I'm due to have one in sept! Also how are the meds for you? I'm at my wits end and I'm thinking of trying anti anxiety meds just to keep me calm!! Do you also notice any gastric upset when having PVC'S, I seem to be quite gassy when they are acting up, I wonder if there is a connection? Sorry if I've not been any help, but its nice to know your not alone :-) Take care!

Posted Jul 23 2013#3 of 7
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Mine feel different all the time. Anywhere for little bumps to big thuds. Yes, I have read that people with MVP are more prone to PVCs because their sympathetic nervous systems are wired a little differently. I have tried to avoid meds at all costs because of side effects but I had to break down last night and started taking a beta blocker and Xanax for anxiety. The beta blocker has reduced the thuds to little bumps but really has not done anything for the frequency. I am still getting 6-9 a minute. Funny you should mention gastric upset. This latest round started Saturday morning when I woke with an awful stomach ache. Think it was something I ate. As of right now my stomach is still not feeling 100%.
I did watch an interesting video this morning on YouTube about MSG and pvcs. I found out that the supplements I have been taking, that I thought were helping, actually contained hidden MSG. There is some form of MSG in just about every processed food. I think of am going to explore this further as a possible cause.

Posted Jul 23 2013#4 of 7
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47MSG's..... I've not heard of that before!! I'll have a look into that too! Yes my PVC'S are still there at approx 4 to 5 a minute!! They are quite difficult to ignore, especially at night when you just want to rest!! The connection between PVC'S and gastric upset does tend to get mentioned a lot in forums!! So there could be a link...I'm not sure! Maybe it could be some kind of intolerance to certain foods!! Like gluten for instance,but to be honest I think I would try anything to help stop these little critters!! My husband had a heart attack at age 26 and he takes beta blockers and other meds,and he has tolerated them pretty well for over 10 yrs..and guess what..he never ever gets any type of palpatations!! And he didn't get them before his heart attack either! I'm well hope your PVC'S calm down a bit for you!! As they really do cause a lot of anxiety! Do you still exercise? I'm sometimes afraid to get my heart rate up!! Do you think sometimes that its the fear of going into V-tach that scares people when they have PVC'S? I think if I was told there was never a chance of that happening,I don't think they would bother me as much!! :-)
Posted Jul 23 2013#5 of 7
TlaporteUser Since: Jul 2013Posts: 1Exact,y what happens to me. One time release Xanax in the morning helps a lot.i also take supplements including B-12, magnesium, fish oil etc. when they get really bad, I like your term "storms", I keep some Lorazopam on hand . It works very well. Getting some cardio in everyday also helps
Posted Sep 08 2014#6 of 7
hbrookesUser Since: Sep 2014Posts: 2Finally someone has mentioned MSG..I am on a search for a week now about MSG and my pvc's. This is my first post but not my last. Had a bout last week with some chinese chicken that almost put me in the ER..Sad thing is as someone mentioned..Its in everything. More to come...

Posted Nov 16 2015#7 of 7
oceanveau361User Since: Nov 2015Posts: 1To miss spice bomb an hbrookes I totally understand what you are saying about the gastric problems accompanied with the attacks I too go through the same thing. I have been diagnosed with gerd/acid reflux disease just recently an I found out that having gas or needing to burp alone can mimic a heart attack also theres is a thing called "chinese food syndrome" that can cause these same symptoms and I found out from a guy on youtube who had the same problems that it was from msg just wanted to let yall know that hopefully this helps if you want to watch that video just type in on youtube "how to stop panic attacks" he looks like a middleaged man an has an english or irish accent if you would like to hear it for yourself

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