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UserID: miss spice bomb Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jun 29 2013
Thread Started: Jul 14 2013 Last Post: Jul 15 2013 Last Post By: Roy Frey
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 4


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Posted Jul 14 2013#1 of 4
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hi there :-) Well yesterday at around 5.00pm I started getting frequent pvcs, tried my best to ignore them,and carry on my daily business! However when it came to go to sleep,I just couldn't ignore them...there they were every other beat,also I had a couplets too! Well anyway I managed to fall asleep,but upon waking they were still there,and this scared me a fair bit,as when I fall asleep,they have usually lessoned to my occasional pvcs, but not this time!! They was still there with a vengeance!! I got myself into an anxious state anddecided to head to A&E, and as usual was hooked up to the ECG, which caught these damn things,and the doctor as usual said they are not harmful and to try and relax!! That is easier said than done!! She basically Said that I should stop taking magnesium supplements and to try anti-anxiety meds instead!! I found this quite insulting because I wouldn't be anxious if it wasn't for these ectopic!! I'm not sure what to do next? How do people carry on with these dreaded things!!
Posted Jul 14 2013#2 of 4
Roy FreyUser Since: Jul 2013Posts: 3Hey Spice Bomb,

You are/were going through a PVC storm. I do not know what magnesium you are using but buy slow-mag and take it before bed and at night. Read my post. If you have insurance then get referred to a cardiologist. Get a stress echo test and 24hour holter monitor. Be persistent with the doctor. My cardiologist will not prescribe meds unless it interferes with the quality of life. Well, It is. He prescribed metoprolol succ er 25mg to be taken before bed. At first I refused to take them being that I have a perfectly healthy heart determined by extensive testing. Last night I broke down and took half of a tablet 12.5mg. Today has been much better. Not perfect but liveable. I am going to my PCP tomorrow to get either activan, valium, or klonopin for the anxiety that comes because of the PVCS not the other away around. When you get more anxious with the palps it makes even more palps come. I am choosing a benzo because you need something that is going to work now not 2 weeks from now like a ssri. When I am in pvc storm I do something that calms my mind. Hopes this helps a bit.

Get well, Roy
Posted Jul 15 2013#3 of 4
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hey Roy :-) Thanks for replying!! I take 250mg of magnesium oxide!! Usually in the morning, and yes I have had an echo done, that was normal!! Also I had a 24 hour holtor monitor fitted but the hospital lost my results so I have to have another one fitted!! Where do you buy your magnesium from? I live in England,and I've not heard of that brand!! I'd like to try it! I don't know if I'm gonna go down the route of anti-anxiety meds as I've heard the side effects can be bothersome, I don't drink,don't smoke or have caffeine so I wonder what could be causing them!! My magnesium levels were checked too and they were normal,but I still take extra! I think some of us are more prone to them than others!! And once again than for your reply!! :-)

Posted Jul 15 2013#4 of 4
Roy FreyUser Since: Jul 2013Posts: 3In the us they are available at any local pharmacy or grocery store. Magnesium oxide is not that easily absorbed by the body. Try amazon if you can't find it locally. Otherwise get magnesium citrate.

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