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UserID: angiegail06 Type: CurePVCs Joined: May 28 2013
Thread Started: Jun 06 2013 Last Post: Jun 08 2013 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 4

Help! frequent pvcs

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Posted Jun 06 2013#1 of 4
angiegail06User Since: May 2013Posts: 2Hello everyone,

My name is Angie, I am new to this website and I have found it to be extremely benefical. However I would like to share my experience in hopes that someone may have some advice to give me.

So....about 7 months ago I was diagnosed with SVT and was started on a beta blocker and scheduled for an EP study. My EP study came back normal and free of any extra pathways. I did wonderful on my beta blocker, which is toprol XL, until about 2 weeks ago. I started having PVCs approximately 2 weeks ago. I had several changes that could've triggered them, such as. A new cold medication, a low Carb diet, and lots of caffeine. However for a week now I have gone back to a regular diet off the caffeine and cold meds. PVCS are still there. 6-10 a min at times and then I will go without any at times.

I am in search of advice because my cardiologist just wants tto do another EP study, and I just can't reason with spending another $5k or more when the other one turned up normal. Btw my echo and blood work has all come back normal as well. Please take time to respond for I am a young mother of 2 and itsthis situation is so dibillating for I am in fear of the worst.
Posted Jun 08 2013#2 of 4
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi Angie,

Welcome to CurePVCs...

I have been a long-time sufferer of PVCs and recently had my first bout of what has been described as SVT, so we are similar except my underlying issue was PVCs and SVT came later rather than the other way around. But is no doubt still related to the same underling causes.

A few years ago, I thought I had all but cured my PVCs which I firmly believe was the result of improved diet, fitness and addressing my heartburn; heartburn which was the result of insufficient acid not too much (I know this sounds like a paradox, but it has become a known issue especially as we get older).

This brings me to my first question and one that I ask almost everyone... Do you suffer with heartburn or other gastric problem?

The reason I ask is for many sufferers, arrhythmias and gastric anomalies seem to go hand-in-hand. Furthermore I previously managed to suppress my PVCs with the use of Apple Cider Vinegar as a result of what I believe to be malabsorption of electrolytes. It’s quite a long story, so rather than me re-writing all about it here, if you haven’t already take a look at My Story here.

I agree that paying another $5k is just another procedure that could well leave you none the wiser and the worry of parting with so much money could be counterproductive anyway.

When I managed to suppress my PVCs before, it took some time before I achieved the results so I think half the battle is giving things time to work.

I know you said you had blood-work done and it all came back normal, but one thing someone posted recently which was of interest is that blood tests may well indicate no imbalances, but just because the blood is okay, doesn’t mean the body’s muscle and tissue have the right balance. For example, if you take magnesium supplements, it may temporarily correct any imbalance in the blood, but it could be weeks before the rest of the body’s tissues balance out.

The post I was referring to is here, so please take a look as I found it quite an interesting post.

If you haven’t already, and are interested, take a look at here, specifically 2006 onwards which is when I discovered the secret behind Apple Cider Vinegar.

Best wishes
Phil (PVCMan)
Posted Jun 08 2013#3 of 4
angiegail06User Since: May 2013Posts: 2Thank you very much for replying! To answer your question, YES I suffer from in degestion. I used to have terrible esphohgeal spasms and had an EGD study done where they found ulcerations on my esphogus and a hiatal hernia. Probably all from diet and over eating. Since then I had changed my diet and lost 20 lbs. Noe ok back to smart ole habbits and some ole heartburn.

Another thing I forgot to mention that everytime I've had my blood work done my potassium has been a little low. So you are absolutely genius in my mind to have come up with the conclusion of malabsorption! That could absolutely be my isuue. I am going to buy some apple cidar vinegar ASAP!

Thanks again and I will let you know if it helps :)

Posted Jun 08 2013#4 of 4
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228You are very welcome... I hope you have the same success I have had with ACV.

I must warn you though, it is not very palatable. It's a bit like swallowing stomach acid rather than acid coming up!!!

I avoid mixing it with anything as I don't like to over-dilute it. But taking a neat shot with a chaser of water does the trick. Just be careful not to gulp it as that tends to leave a residue in the throat which is not very nice.

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