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UserID: sadia78 Type: CurePVCs Joined: May 23 2013
Thread Started: May 23 2013 Last Post: May 31 2013 Last Post By: sadia78
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 5

new to PVCs, please help.

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Posted May 23 2013#1 of 5
sadia78User Since: May 2013Posts: 11Hello,

I have recently started experiencing PVCs. We relocated from Holland to Singapore 20 days ago. It’s been the most hectic period of my life especially because we were moving for my work. After arriving in SG, I started feeling the PVCs. Of course at the time I didn’t know what it was. I tried to ignore thinking I am just nervous. When it got too much, I went to the GP who straight away sent me to the cardiologist. They are very fast here with medical help. Cardiologist did ETT, full blood test, Heart ultrasound and hooked me on a 7 days monitor. He called them ectopic beats. He did call me later telling that all results were normal from blood exam. ETT showed normal results too. He assured me that there was no underlying heart disease. While I was on the holter, I read all horrible stuff about the PVCs. I got so panic that on the 6th day, I called him in the night and went to A&E as I felt I had heavy chest and dizziness. He did further blood test, did chest x-ray and CT Angiogram. All fine. He put on the sotahelxel 40mg twice a day and xanas three times a day. I started having dizziness, tiredness, heavy legs etc from beta blocker and of course read all horrible stories about the beta blockers. Yesterday I went to the Cardiologist again (who is a really good cardiologist as he is patiently enduring me). We mutually decided to stop beta blocker as there is no medical need for it. An extensive report of halter showed infrequent isolated PVCs. He said if you can live with them, we don’t need medication as they are harmless. He said if they are too bothersome, he can give some other beta blocker for a while. He did keep me on xanas though which I think is a good idea as I am under huge stress from work and relocation.
I feel blessed to have found this website. I get these PVC anytime of the day but mostly when I am nervous, going to present to the board of directors, after eating a good meal and when I am lying down in bed doing nothing. After reading some further information, I bought magnesium oxide 440mg per tablet but they do contain 40 mg calcium per tablet too. I only took one tablet today but also read it could be counterproductive so now I am confused. I do want to stay on xanas or other calming agent as this keeps my anxiety down about PVCs.
I believe that there are other methods than beta blockers to suppress, cure PVC. Yet again, I am very glad to have found this site. Please help me how to proceed from here. I will take one step at a time. For past 4-5 days I am PVC free but that could be because I was on beta blockers which I just stopped with Cardiologist consent yesterday and I am freaking out now for PVC NOT to start. Please help.
Thank you.
Posted May 23 2013#2 of 5
sadia78User Since: May 2013Posts: 11Just to add: My worse PVCs are 2-3 per minute and not over 300 a day.
Posted May 28 2013#3 of 5
jrsolsjeffUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 15Sadia78, please don't worry yourself so much. It definitely sound like you are experiencing some PVC's due to anxiety. Especially with a big move. The worst part is this can throw you into a vicious cycle. Benzo's such as xanax can be very helpful for anxiety but they can also deplete minerals in your body. You were on the right track with the magnesium. Magnesium in our bodies suffers greatly when we are under stress or anxious. Under those conditions our bodies release more cortisol which depletes magnesium stores in our bodies. Once we lose magnesium we also an imbalance of other electrolytes such potassium and calcium as they need magnesium to be properly used by our bodies. Electrolyte imbalance can cause a plethora of symptoms like PVC's, palpitations, dizziness, etc. Magnesium oxide is a great source of magnesium but unfortunately it is not easily absorbed. I take magnesium citrate and magnesium taurate, these are chelated forms of magnesium that are bound to amino acids which make them more useful. Maybe they can help. magnesium also helps calm nerves so it will aid with the stress and anxiety so you can eliminate the cycle that may causing your PVC's. Its good that the Doctor has ruled out a heart condition. As long as you know your heart is structurally sound, you can treat the PVC's by eliminating triggers. Hope you feel better! I still get them sometimes but I have eliminated them tremendously with diet changes and magnesium supplements.

Posted May 31 2013#4 of 5
sadia78User Since: May 2013Posts: 11jrsolsjeff, Thanks alot for your response. Relocation from my home country to a new country did cause me my health big times.
For how long can I use xanax then? I am using 0.5mg three times a day and its keeping me calm.
I am using Mag oxide 440mg one tablet a day. Thats the only form of Mag I can find here in Singapore. Can I order the other ones you mention online??
Your message is soooo comforting !!! Thanks alot.
I guess because of mag oxide and xanax have put my PVCs on silent. I didnt feel them for two weeks now (Fingers crossed). Thanks once again for such great info. Kindly advice where to find the other type of mag? Thank you.
Posted May 31 2013#5 of 5
sadia78User Since: May 2013Posts: 11And yes, please also advice\tips on diet changes?? Thank you.

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