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UserID: Winenut Type: CurePVCs Joined: May 05 2013
Thread Started: May 05 2013 Last Post: Jun 19 2020 Last Post By: FileTrekker
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 31

PACs/PVCs might be related to Electrolye Imbalance - Too Little Potassium

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Posted Jun 19 2020#31 of 31
FileTrekkerUser Since: Jun 2020Posts: 7There is no 'one size fits all' cure for PVCs. The sooner you stop looking for one the better. Winenut's advice in reality cured little to nobody else in this thread, I can guarantee it. If it helps him, great. However;

Winenut's post is dangerous in that it's

1. Highly presumptive of PVC cause. Does not consider there are multiple possible causes such as Delayed Afterdepole, Reentry, etc. etc.

2. Is backed by zero sources, imperial evidence or research papers cited proving these claims.

I would be highly skeptical and certainly not ignore doctors advice or stop beta blockers on the basis of this thread.

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