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UserID: Winenut Type: CurePVCs Joined: May 05 2013
Thread Started: May 05 2013 Last Post: May 29 2019 Last Post By: Hhuizenga
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 28

PACs/PVCs might be related to Electrolye Imbalance - Too Little Potassium

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Posted Mar 21 2018#21 of 28
Gandalf081User Since: Mar 2016Posts: 2Amazing post, this has worked for me after 14 years of the damn things constantly sometimes 30,000 a day, bigeminy, couplets the lot . I had resigned myself to this being a lifelong sentence for me ! This had recently progressed to episodes of sudden unnerving tacycardia and what i suspect was VT as Steve's initial post suggested it might. I had tried all types of supplements to no avail over the years including Magnesium with very limited improvement. I started supplementing with only 99mg of potassium 4 x daily with my usual magnesium and the pvcs have reduced massively within just a week. I have not been this pvc free for as long as i can remember.
It does all add up when i think about it, i have had stomach/bowel issues and 'looseness' for years as i have a gluten intolerance so have probably not been absorbing electrolytes properly. The doctors solution was just beta blockers which dont work for me. Though it sounds weird my heart actually feels more relaxed whereas it usually feels 'nervy' and ready to throw a PVC at all times. I'm going to increase the potassium slightly to see if i can eliminate them completely but will have to go easy as my blood pressure is borderline low naturally..
Posted Mar 21 2018#22 of 28
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Hi Gandalf . Can you tell me what product you are taking specifically? I wanna give this a ry. Thank you.
Posted Apr 15 2018#23 of 28
CuredPVCswithPotassiumUser Since: Apr 2018Posts: 1Ive had PVCs for 18 months off and on. One PVC every 20 -60 sec. Tried to figure it out on my own because doctors dont know jack and would say they are benign or would try to prescribe some BP meds. Something that feels like PVCs are not benign!

Started off taking 400-600 mg of potassium a day, 200mg with each meal, and it help a little. Bumped it up to 900 mg a day, 300mg with each meal and the PVCs are mostly gone! Will probably bump it up again to 1200mg a day.

Alcohol, caffeine, or a heavy meal speed up the blood flow and the potassium is filtered out/depleted more quickly.

Look for more nutrient rich foods with lots of potassium.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR SO BE CAREFUL WITH POTASSIUM. There is a lethal dose and you should research the problems from taking too much.

Also i am outside all day, everyday so i sweat a lot. Dont eat many veggies. I say this just to portray my lifestyle.


Posted Apr 29 2018#24 of 28
bfrocks30User Since: Apr 2018Posts: 26Just adding this to the thread not sure if anyone can get one of these tests or if there is one near you. Also who knows if its truly accurate but were a look

Imagine if you can actually identify this on the cellular level, we all could move on with our lives.
Posted May 21 2018#25 of 28
SiennaUser Since: May 2018Posts: 24Hello Winenut
So helpful your research,i am sure i have electrolytes imbalance as my pvcs started after a long,years,condition of cronical digestive issues,including tones of laxative and often vomiting episodes.
Now i solved those problems,eating after a strict menu but i am sure i am lacking magnesium and potasiu,i started one week ago taking all the supllements you mentionez,they are less frequent but they still here
Please tell me if you know,once disturbed the electrolytes balance how long will take to put it back in track ?ever?
Thank you very much!!
Posted Jul 10 2018#26 of 28
McPalpyUser Since: Jul 2018Posts: 1

I would like to mention that I found a cure for my PVC's. I read that taking Hawthorn helped most people having PVC's.
So after having PVC's for 10 years and using Atenolol to treat them, I started taking a STANDARDIZED Hawthorn Extract supplement (You may need to take more or less than what is the Suggested Use). After 4 to 6 weeks my PVC's were completely gone. I still get an occasional PVC that everyone gets, but not the constant runs experienced by PVC's sufferers. I hope this helps as it did for me...

I would like to try standardized Hawthorn Extract supplement. Can you recommend a brand?

Posted Jul 17 2018#27 of 28
bfrocks30User Since: Apr 2018Posts: 26


I would like to try standardized Hawthorn Extract supplement. Can you recommend a brand?

Now Foods makes great products you could try that one possibly. I think the thing with Hawthorne is more useful if you have high blood pressure so it's masking the pvcs but certainly worth a try. I would focus on potassium and magnesium. B12 keeps coming up more and more as well through my research and on this forum.
Posted May 29 2019#28 of 28
HhuizengaUser Since: May 2019Posts: 2Hello
I just found your thread and wonder how it’s still going for you. I have had PVCs for over 30 years. I had them under control I thought till I almost passed out today..ugh. I am using CBD oil no I am wondering if I need to add potassium. My blood pressure has elevated over the last year or so..
Thanks !,

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