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UserID: wooglin Type: CurePVCs Joined: Apr 25 2013
Thread Started: Apr 25 2013 Last Post: Apr 26 2013 Last Post By: wooglin
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

Symptoms of PVC (First time posting)

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Posted Apr 25 2013#1 of 3
wooglinUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 3This is my first post. I had symptoms of PVC for years now and never knew what it was until a few years ago. It never bothered me but it came back in a big way this week. I have had daily and frequent episodes for 6 days now. When I went to the ER the triage nurse told me she also has PVC's and told me exactly what symptoms I get during this time. Are the symptoms universal?

My symptoms are these:

A quick sensation that I suddenly can't breath, (sort of like an adrenaline rush) and then my neck vein feels like it is throbbing. Quite often after that I will get a small headache or dizzy feeling in my head.

Do these sound familiar?
Posted Apr 26 2013#2 of 3
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi wooglin,

This does indeed sound familiar...

I have always described mine as a feeling of weightlessness like the sensation you get on a roller-coaster.
I wouldn't say it leaves me without breath, but I can understand why people describe it that way.

I also feel the strong pulses afterwards. But I don't get a headache as such, although I do suffer a bit with migraines (even very short ones along with visual disturbances), but because of the intermittent nature of the headaches, I'm never sure if they are connected or not.
Posted Apr 26 2013#3 of 3
wooglinUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 3Thanks for the reply. I'm going to get a referral back to my Cardiologist in the next few days. I'm sure my heart is fine, but I had full testing two years ago and perhaps its time to have them again. I will be looking at potential triggers, including diet and other conditions that I'm dealing with right now. (post nasal drip, fractured ankle)

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