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UserID: Jan- Janni- Ball Type: Facebook Joined: Apr 21 2013
Thread Started: Apr 21 2013 Last Post: May 20 2016 Last Post By: Pecosbill
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 12

At my wit's end...

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Posted Jul 03 2013#11 of 12
miss spice bombUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 47Hey there Jan! I get pvc's all day here and there,but when I get those runs of pvc's that come every second or third beat, I too can't get into a position that helps either! But one thing that does sometimes work for me is doing a few star jumps....last thing you probably want to do when you have been for a long but it seems to stop them for half an hour or so,I don't know why this is but I'm glad to have a little rest from the pesky buggers if only for a little while! Is there anything you do to take your mind off them? This is the trouble with me,and would love to know how other people like you get through the day without screaming!! Even my husband doesn't really understand even though he had a heart attack at just 26!!
Posted May 20 2016#12 of 12
PecosbillUser Since: May 2016Posts: 1

Exercise may cause this in fit individuals, where the ventricals enlarge and normal depolarisation is disrupted by the deformation.. leading to pvc.

Where did you get this information? My PVC's began in earnest (always have had a few) when I started a program of high intensity interval group training. Never bothered me during the exercise, but would flare up on the ride home when the heart had recovered it's normal beat rate. I am currently experiencing anywhere from 17 per minute to 1 per minute depending on????

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