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UserID: Jan- Janni- Ball Type: Facebook Joined: Apr 21 2013
Thread Started: Apr 21 2013 Last Post: May 20 2016 Last Post By: Pecosbill
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 12

At my wit's end...

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Posted Apr 21 2013#1 of 12
Jan- Janni- BallUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 6I have been suffering from PVCs since 1996. I am 47 years old now, a little overweight but not morbidly obese or anything, and I am quite active - or... as much as I CAN be with these blasted things.

I've been to the Emergency Room countless times over the years, worried that something was very wrong, only to be told that it was PVCs and to go home and calm down. They don't want to prescribe meds due to the side effects (and I am not crazy about that idea anyway, I am more into natural solutions if possible) so I just always go home and curl up into a ball and cry. They have been getting worse and worse as the years drag on.

Today they have been at their very worst. Started yesterday after a long run (I did 4.5 miles, about half of it was jogging and the other half just brisk walking.) This isn't new. I do this several times a week as a rule. Anyway, after the workout, they started back up and haven't stopped plaguing me since. ALL DAY today they keep hitting me. I think the longest I've gone without one is about ten or fifteen minutes. I cannot get into a position that helps. They do it whether I am sitting, standing, lying down on my back or sides... no matter what I do, they are there.

I have tried everything I know to try. I've tried homeopathic anxiety remedies to try and "calm" the suckers out of me - those don't work for that. I've tried drinking lots of G2 because the last E.R. visit I had, I was told it could be because of an electrolyte insufficiency... I thought drinking water would help but the nurse said no - it needed to be either juice or sports water.

Aaaaaand, just as I was typing this, I had yet another PVC.

I am honestly about to scream. :-(

I'm glad I found this website though. At least I know there are other people out there with the same affliction (and for that, I am truly sorry for all of you...)
Posted Apr 22 2013#2 of 12
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Have you tried supplementing with magnesium? It seems to have reduced my PVCs tremendously. There is a direct correalation between stress and magnesium deficiencey. Stress uses up your body's stores of magnesium. Therefore, if you are stressing over these PVCs (like I do), then you may be deficient in magnesium. I was having PVCs pretty consistenly since the end of 2012. 1 day I had over 1000. The next day I started supplementing with and electrolyte powder that I take 3 times per day and an addl 200mg of magnesium citrate. The first few days my PVCs were reduced. After about 1 week, I was down to having 20-30 per day. Over the last week there has been only 1 day where I have had more than 10. Yesterday I did not have any. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I'd like to think that I have found the answer to a majority of my PVCs. I know it is easier said than done, but try not to stress out over these things. If you have had all the tests and been told they are harmless you have nothing to worry about. Again, I know that is easier said than done. I still will get upset when I have them but there are other times where I just carry on with my day like they are not even there. I truly believe that there is a reason for these things and they are different in everyone. Just takes searching to find out what it is. Good luck.
Posted Apr 22 2013#3 of 12
Jan- Janni- BallUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 6I have tried Magnesium, but it gave me awful diarrhea. Then I read that was a possible side-effect. I wonder if I just had the wrong kind of Magnesium. There are so many different ones. I don't know which is which. :-/

Posted Apr 22 2013#4 of 12
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Yeah, the 1st time I tried it (about 2 years ago) I took a prodcut called Natural Calm and it gave me diarrhea as well. Therefore I did not continue taking it. I found a product called Stress-X and I have had no side effects with it. Half of a scoop contains 350mg of magnesium but I only take about a quarter of a scoop sicne the electrolyte powder I take contains about 100mg of magnesium.
Posted Apr 22 2013#5 of 12
Jan- Janni- BallUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 6Thanks. I will look into that.
Posted Apr 23 2013#6 of 12
JaxnoleUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 8The key is to spend a bit more and get magnesium citrate, NOT Oxide. The body absorbs it differently. I get a tri-magnesium that's got three different types from GNC. It will not work in a day or two but mine stopped after about a week of 800mg a day.

Posted Apr 23 2013#7 of 12
jrsolsjeffUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 15Magnesium citrate is very good but in moderate to high doses can also upset bowels. Magnesium Citrate is actually prescribed for constipation because of the effects it has on the intestines. I take 400mg a day of magnesium. 200 mg of citrate and 200 mg of taurate. Magnesium Taurate is chelated magnesium bound to the amino acid taurine which is known to calm PVC's specifically. A lot of people associate taurine with energy drinks so they think it's bad for the heart. In fact it is essential for the heart muscle to contract properly. Deficiency is common in people who don't eat enough meat or are vegetarian. I also use liquid amino's to make sure I get enough amino acids because deficiency in anything can cause PVC's. The magnesium taurate also does not upset the stomach or cause loose bowels because it bound to taurine it doesn't absorb into in the intestines as much as citrate. Its hard to fine though. Here is a link if you're interested. Before I found them on Swansons I was paying almost double for half the quantity at a health food store who didn't even always have it in stock. They helped me tremendously with my PVC's.
Posted May 02 2013#8 of 12
Mojo1980User Since: May 2013Posts: 1Thank you for this. I am always stressed out and run off adrenaline it seems. I run a daycare and am going back to school in the evening. I have three kids and a husband to meet all their needs, so I am a mess. I am 33 and started having PVC' s or noticed I was having something going on with my heart in high school. I partied ALOT so at first thought that was the cause, but I had been through some very traumatic experiences as well. I have no idea what has brought these on, but wish I could get rid of them. I had severe depression and anxiety after a miscarriage when I was 24 and was hooked up to heart monitors and tests galore. I was then diagnosed with pvc's. I have super low blood pressure and feel so drained with no energy all the time. I noticed the more stressed I get the more they are noticeable.
Posted Jun 30 2013#9 of 12
quantavUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 5I think it might be related but once I cut out all meat, oil, fish, eggs, and ate only green veggies and legumes (no nuts) and lots of fruits and my PVCs have decreased SUBSTANTIALLY. The diet is extreme but I was at my wit's end with these dang things. The doctors kept telling me there's nothing wrong and to ignore them but when I'm in the middle of them I can't think of anything else except ways to stop it. Anxiety makes it worse. My cure was to start exercises MORE. Yes, more, but not as intensely. It was just walking every day for one hour 6 days a week. I used to get the PVCs or PACs during the first two weeks of starting this and slowly they decreased in intensity and frequency. I'm just as anxious so nothing has changed there. The only thing I've changed is my diet. I don't take supplements or anything. Perhaps it's the magnesium, potassium from the diet.

Posted Jun 30 2013#10 of 12
Nicholas AmeryUser Since: Jun 2013Posts: 1Have you cut out all caffeine and alcohol? Lots of hidden caffeine also, in coco powder, tea, and decf tea has an effect also..

Exercise may cause this in fit individuals, where the ventricals enlarge and normal depolarisation is disrupted by the deformation.. leading to pvc.

I have cut out all above and hoping for improvement.
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