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UserID: jrsolsjeff Type: Facebook Joined: Apr 15 2013
Thread Started: Apr 16 2013 Last Post: May 09 2013 Last Post By: jrsolsjeff
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Scared of Ablation

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Posted May 09 2013#11 of 11
jrsolsjeffUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 15I agree PVC Man. I don't believe at all that conventional medications "cure" anything. They suppress systems and give instant gratification to patients in order to trick the mind into thinking real healing is happening; when in fact is it not. The human body has a miraculous ability to heal itself when given what it needs to sustain a healthy life.

Medical science is good for the process of diagnosis and in some cases surgery but it far too often pushes the real answers to finding cures in the background all the while people are getting sicker and sicker. Its very sad. I have come a long way since my heart symptoms began and that is due to nutrition and supplements. I am so relieved they are not recommending the ablation in my case. I would have most likely objected to it anyway. It is very relieving to know that instead i will find out exactly what is causing my issue so I treat it accordingly with the right supplements and hopefully be completely free of the issue as it still hinders me slightly. My goal is to feel how I did a year ago before this all began.

Not sure if I mentioned this anywhere before on this website but I do also think that beta blockers and prilosec caused my PVC's. I never had them before I took those medications. I know for certain prilosec depletes minerals after all the last year of research I've done. Those reflux medications are no good!!!

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