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UserID: Cubsfan3 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Apr 01 2013
Thread Started: Apr 03 2013 Last Post: Apr 11 2013 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 16

This site is giving me hope

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Posted Apr 08 2013#11 of 16
Cubsfan3User Since: Apr 2013Posts: 28Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have continued taking 3 electrolyte drinks per day and add magnesium citrate to my 1st one of the day. Saturday was my best day in a very long time. Probably has 10 or less. Yesterday I was in an awkward social situation which always stresses me out so I had a little spell yesterday for about an hour and half. After that, they were gone for the day. I believe that the 2 biggest triggers of my PVCs are low electrolytes balance and stress. I think I have figured out how to deal with the low electrolyte issue. Still trying to figure out different ways to cope with my stress issues.
Posted Apr 09 2013#12 of 16
JaxnoleUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 8Cubsfan,

Your story seems so similar. I currently am getting about 3-10 pvc's a day. I never get them back to back or within the same half hour. I have switched to a regime of 250mg Mag Citrate, multivitamin, and fish oil twice a day. This worked great for about 2-3 weeks and it knocked them down to about 1 pvc a day and I went a length of none in a week. I recently ran out and went a few days without and then replaced it with Magnesium Oxide and they have got significantly worse. I have read this is not as easily absorbed, today I am going back to the vitamin store to get the citrate.

My pvc's have only showed themselves after I have been dieting on about a 1200 calorie a day diet. I have lost about 52lbs in 4 months. I also quit alcohol at the beginning of the year in January. PVC's started in February. I never had any pvcs when I weighed my original weight and was drinking every night. You would think it would be the other way around.

I have seen my GP twice and a cardiologist that said my heart was fine so when I have a pvc now I just breath deep and keep going. Due to my dieting I believe it may be electrolyte deficiency. I believe it is magnesium def because I also get twitching in my left eyelid and the muscles between my cheek and nose.
Posted Apr 10 2013#13 of 16
JaxnoleUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 8Well after a day and a half on my Super Magnesium from GNC. I have only had 2 pvcs in two days. Which is better than the 5-10 per day I was having.

I am also in the process of trying to lose weight which I have lost 54lbs, but I have to really try hard to eat enough food as I catch myself eating only 800-1000 calories per day but most are fruits and veggies.

Posted Apr 11 2013#14 of 16
AndyRewUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 22When my PVCs were at their worst a few years ago, I did try different magnesium types but can't remember if I took citrate.

When/if my PVCs come back (which they do sometimes), I might give Mag citrate a try.
Posted Apr 11 2013#15 of 16
JaxnoleUser Since: Apr 2013Posts: 8I got some Apple Cider also. Going to try that also to see if it helps. I have never had issues with heartburn or acid reflux, but it's worth a shot right?
Posted Apr 11 2013#16 of 16
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228From what I've read, it aids digestion.
So I wouldn't have thought it would hurt!

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