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UserID: googlebridge Type: CurePVCs Joined: Jan 11 2013
Thread Started: Jan 11 2013 Last Post: Jan 22 2013 Last Post By: googlebridge
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 5

Monitoring my PVCs

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Posted Jan 11 2013#1 of 5
googlebridgeUser Since: Jan 2013Posts: 3I have had PVCs for a number of years. On average I have about 1000 PVCs per day according to Holter tests I have had done. I don't have PVCs while I am asleep. I don't feel anything when I have a PVC, so they are not causing me any discomfort. The only way I found out I had PVCs was from an ECG I had done as part of a regular health check. I had the usual blood tests, echo test and treadmill test done and no problems were found. Often on, I have taken beta-blockers but found they made me tired, although they did reduce my PVCs. Also I have taken Chinese medicine, which also reduced my PVCs when I was taking it.

I have never had the stomach problems PVCman describes.

Since I cannot feel my PVCs, other than when I has a Holter test, I did not know if I was experiencing PVCs. I wanted to know if I had PVCs, so I would be aware of what kind of things bring them on and would be able to reduce them. I started feeling my pulse and counting the number of irregular beats per 100 beats, but this is a little tedious.

Recently, I purchased an HxM heart rate monitor that straps to your chest. This is capable of connecting to Android devices via Bluetooth and it sends out RR interval data. I wrote an Android application to record this RR interval data and analyse it for irregular beats so that I can see how many irregular beats I am having. Since the HxM monitor just straps on to the chest it is less accurate than a Holter or ECG machine and does not provide any ECG, just the RR interval data, but still the information I get is guide to how regular my heart rate is. I wear the HxM monitor all day and I can see the information on my heart beats in real time on my phone, plus it is saved, so I can see the historical data for past days too.

I came to the conclusion that if I sit down with my body diagonal (kind of leaning back and slouching), rather than sitting upright or lying down, I have many less PVCs. Not sure of the reson for this. I'm looking for more ways of reducing the PVCs.
Posted Jan 15 2013#2 of 5
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi googlebridge,

This is really interesting stuff...
I was never really sure if I get PVCs at night time or not, but it might just have been because I was unaware of them. I know PVCs are very common and many don't even know they have them and only find out by chance (like your good self).

From what I've read, I know PVCs can be caused by many different things but typically electrolyte imbalances. I think my heartburn was what contributed to my electrolyte deficiency, but I've no doubt this isn't the same for everyone.

I also found that lying in different positions helped. I have heard a lot about the vagus nerve which can impact heart rhythms so I am wondering if this position factor has something to do with the vagus nerve.

I am also really interested in your Android app using the HxM. I also use a heart monitor with a Garmin cycle training computer. As a developer, I would be really interested in what you have done with the Android app. I must admit, I am a MS .NET developer, but have been looking into getting into Android.
Posted Jan 15 2013#3 of 5
googlebridgeUser Since: Jan 2013Posts: 3I chose to use the HxM because it communicates via Bluetooth and the makers have made the protocol public. It is the first time I have written an Android app -- you just install Eclipse from google's website and you write your application in Java. Drop me an email if you want to talk about this in more detail or try out my app.

Posted Jan 22 2013#4 of 5
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Sorry, not been online much for a few days.
You mentioned emailing you, is it okay if I use your email you registered on this site with? Technically, it's illegal for me to use it for anything outside of this site without your permission.

Posted Jan 22 2013#5 of 5
googlebridgeUser Since: Jan 2013Posts: 3Yes, no problem, go ahead and email me. Then we can talk in more detail about this.

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