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UserID: mariah Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 06 2012
Thread Started: Nov 06 2012 Last Post: Nov 06 2012 Last Post By: mariah
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 3

Scheduled for Ablation~Not sure if I should?

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Posted Nov 06 2012#1 of 3
mariahUser Since: Nov 2012Posts: 4I'm a newbie here and happy to have found a site specifically for PVC's.
So here is my dilemma...
Roughly three years a go I developed A-Fib. (After a period of stress and grief.) Had Electro Cardioversion, which was successfull.
Slowly but surely it came back. I have been treated with various drugs, all of which caused nasty side effects and were not terribly effective.
During the last year I have developed PVC's, and although they are less frequent, I also continue to have short runs of A-Fib.
It is the PVC's that are really causing me trouble now. They occur daily and completely exhaust me. I am short of breath, lightheaded, fatigued and have chestpains with them.
I was referred to an electrophysiologist who is willing to do ablation for the PVC's, although he said it's not easy to do.

Has anyone here had ablation for PVC's? If yes, did it work?

I also have GERD and am being treated with Nexium.
At one point when in the ER, I was told that my magnesium level was a bit low. I started taking a liquid magnesium but have not noticed any difference except that is seems to CAUSE muscle spasms. ~EM3EM~
Currently I am on a Calcium Channel Blocker, which doesn't help a lot.
I have given notice at work, a job I love, because it is all becoming too much.
Sorry for this long post, but I wanted to give you a little background before I come to my big question...Should I go for the ablation? Frankly, although I've asked for ablation, now I'm scared. I dread the thought of having to be awake during this looong procedure and worry about the long term effects of it too.
Or...Shall I call it off and try the Apple Cider Vinegar route? (Or try both?)
I can be called any day to go for the procedure, or it might be a while yet.
Anyone have any ideas for me? What would you do?
Posted Nov 06 2012#2 of 3
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228I would love to reply, but I don't personally have any experience around this.

Not trying to direct users away from my site, but are you a facebook user? If so, there is a group "Heart Palpitations/Ectopic Beats - Group of Friends". There has previously been quite a lot of chat around ablation, and there might be some who are able to give you better advice.
Posted Nov 06 2012#3 of 3
mariahUser Since: Nov 2012Posts: 4Thanks! I'll go and check Facebook.

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