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UserID: Morac74 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Feb 01 2011
Thread Started: Feb 01 2011 Last Post: Apr 02 2013 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 4

PVC just came out of nowhere

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Posted Feb 01 2011#1 of 4
Morac74User Since: Feb 2011Posts: 1I'm a 36 year old male. Up until two days ago I was fine. Maybe I had occasional missed beat, but not enough for me to notice. Two days ago, after eating a large dinner, I noticed that my heart rate was beating very fast and I was getting occasional skipped beats. I chalked it up to eating too much since I've experienced rapid heartbeats after eating too much in the past and figured things go back to normal once I was finished digesting my food. It seemed to do so when I was getting ready to go to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and checked my pulse and it seemed normal until I took a shower, then I started noticing skipped beats.

I went to the doctor last night and he was able to see the problem on the ECG and that's when I learned the term PVC. The doctor said he wasn't worried about the PVCs as they aren't dangerous in of themselves, but told me to get a cardiogram just in case there's an underlying issue. I have that scheduled in about a week. He also told me to cut out caffeine, which I did even though caffeine has never bothered me (it barely has an effect on me). He didn't order any blood work or anything else, which I'm wondering was a mistake in case I have a electrolyte imbalance. I ate a banana for Potassium today just in case; it didn't help.

Since Monday I've had frequent episodes (or maybe one continuous episode) where I'm averaging one skipped beat for every 2 beats; that's around 20 skipped beats a minute! I don't think I've had a minute in the past two days where I didn't have at least a few PVCs.

My question is, how is it possible to go from no PVCs (or not enough to notice), to around 10 to 20 per minute on average? I was a bit sleep deprived last week, skipped a few meals and a ended up doing a lot of shoveling of wet snow last week (enough to make my back sore), but could that really be enough to cause this? I've been literally getting thousands if not 10,000 PVCs per day for the past two days.

Also is it normal for PVCs to cause other symptoms? I've read conflicting reports on this. Some web sites says PVCs cause no symptoms other than feelings of missed heart beats and others say it can cause drowsiness, dizziness, etc. Wikipedia even says very frequent PVCs, like I'm having, can cause heart damage! ~EM10EM~

Personally I'm noticing that at times in addition to PVCs, I'm seeing lower than normal heart rates (though it's hard to know for sure since not counting the missed beats lowers my rate into the 40's). It gets worse after eating, where I have cold hands, drowsiness and sometimes feeling of anxiety. Walking around or exercising makes these symptoms go away as that increases my heart rate which also seems to make the PVCs go away.

Is lower heart rate associated with PVCs?
Is there such as thing as too many PVCs per minute?

Currently the PVCs don't bother mean when going to sleep. They also don't wake me up. Where they are bothering me is when I'm at work, where I suddenly feel like I'm having a panic attack at times (usually after eating). Other times they are just a minor annoyance, but don't cause symptoms.
Posted Feb 02 2011#2 of 4
JohnFinNYUser Since: Feb 2011Posts: 1My PVC's started 6 weeks ago, just like you right out of the blue. One morning I woke up with several a minute, right before Thanksgiving (a stressful family weekend). After freaking out about them (like any normal person will do), I got checked out by my PP, and once told I was o.k, they went away (or so I thought). Fast forward to right before x-mas (another stressful holiday), they came back and haven't left yet. This is when I really felt I needed to do something, so for the whole holiday week I went to a Cardiologist and did what most do (EKC, sono, halter, Stress test, blood) everything was normal. I'm now on atenolol 50mg/day. Doesn't seem to help, but I have stayed on it to give it a chance, and side effects for me are not that bad. To answer your questions, I would get a thorough check up from cardio to ensure you have no underlying heart condition. That being said, I think with me this is definitely stress related. I think it took me years to build up my body to start having PVCs, so it is only natural that there won't be a quick fix (especially if this is stress related). To cover all fronts however, I take dailys supplements (CA, MG, P, K) and CoQ10 and fish oil. I am a runner, and find great relief fromt the PVcs when I run (sometimes I dont have any for 4-5 hrs post run). II chalk this up to the simple fact that since my heart is beating fast when I run, it doesn't have time between beats to have skips. I also seem to see a correlation between people our age (I'm 37) and running with PVCs. Very anectodal evidence, but just my observation. I continue to exercise, as the last thing I want to do is not strengthen myheart and vascular system . BTW- I read everthing online about PVCs (which caused me to have more PVCs, and don't recommend it). However, the majority of the literature does not support that claim of alot of PVCs/day = damage to heart. Get checked out, reduce your triggers (alcohol, caffeine,etc) and see what happens. I think stress is king with me, and I working on changing the way I do things in my life. Hope it will eventually kick in.
Posted Mar 19 2011#3 of 4
Freebird62User Since: Mar 2011Posts: 2Hi John, I am a 49 year old female. My pvcs started a week before last Christmas and they haven't given up. They scare the heck out of me and I am looking for someone who has these to commiserate and compare notes with. I started taking magnesium/calcium supplements a couple days ago and hope that helps. Have you found anything that alleviates your pvcs? Freebird

Posted Apr 02 2013#4 of 4
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228I know it's been a while, but was wondering how people here are doing.

It would be great to hear an update on progress.

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