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UserID: Jenslin Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 10 2010
Thread Started: Sep 10 2010 Last Post: Oct 20 2013 Last Post By: She11 be11
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 8

SUGAR = Bad PVCs for me

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Posted Sep 10 2010#1 of 8
JenslinUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 1I have been having PVCs for almost 2 years now. Im 37. Same story as most of you. Doctors say dont worry about them, they are harmless. Ive been on beta blockers, had Left Lateral Bypass Track Ablation (this was for atrial fibrilation problem). I started seeing a trend anytime i ate high amounts of processed sugars, the PVCs got worse. On one occasion I bought one of those smoothie king smoothies. Thinkin i was eating something healthy. 140 grams of sugar I ate in less than 30 minutes. Within an hour after eating the smoothie, I was having PVCs non stop, almost 15 to 20 per minute. This lasted several hours, and then slowly they went away. Or at least back to the normal 1 every few minutes. I told two different cardiologists this and they said no way, sugar does not effect PVCs.. So long as I stay away from processed sugars, the PVCs are not that bad. Im just trying to find a way to stop them all together. At this point Im getting maybey 1 to 5 per hour during the day and slightly more at night when i lie in bed.
Posted Sep 10 2010#2 of 8
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi Jenslin, welcome to CurePVCs...

You're not the only one that has mentioned sugar as a trigger for PVCs, I have heard this a number of times before.

I once tried drinking smoothies for exactly the same reason you did, but apparently, fruits beaten into smoothies concentrates the amount of sugar you consume compared to the bulk density. A little while ago, I had some nectarines that needed using up because they were near end of life. I stoned them and threw them into the blender and noticed how much they seem to shrink. I think when eating a piece of fruit, it's a much bigger event to chew it up and swollow it rather than drink liquids which you swallow a mouthfull at a time. So I expect doubling up on sugars is quite easy to do when consuming this sort of product.

Back onto the PVC frequency, do you get complete quiet times during the day? Or do you have an underlying PVCs constantly (albeit a miute or so between)?

Posted Dec 30 2011#3 of 8
AmandaSchUser Since: Dec 2011Posts: 2I've notice the same thing! Sugar seems to bring on PVCs for me too. I am 32 and I've been having them for about a year now. I was having them more often, but it seems to have calmed down a bit. For about 3 months I was having them constantly. They would range anywhere from 7 to 20 per minute at all times. I also have sinus tachycardia issues, but havent had SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) as far as I know. The possibility of experiencing SVT is the only thing that really freaks me out about having PVCs. PVCs definitely make me feel uncomfortable though. I probably have 1 or 2 a minute on average now, but as long as they are not coming on strong and frequently, I don't really feel them. It's when I start having 10 or more a minute that it really bothers me. After having a blast of processed sugar, I usually have either strong PVCs or tachycardia or both. So, I'm going to start avoiding it, which will be hard to do because I love sweets. But I suppose it'll be better for my health all together. My doctor said that there are definitely triggers and they are different for everyone. He advised me to keep a food and activity diary and to record my PVC and tachycardia episodes too. He said this might help me identify my triggers. Haven't done it yet, but I have been more aware and pay more attention now. Sugar is the one trigger I've been able to identify.

I decided to return to school and I'm now in nursing school, have two young children and a husband, so I'm not really able to avoid stress. But, I am exercising regularly and trying to eat healthier. I put it off for the first year after being diagnosed, but I've decided that I have to take charge of my health, so I've recently changed my lifestyle. Haven't had many PVCs since I decided to make the change. Hope I can eradicate them all together. Hope you find a way to get rid of them too!

Posted Feb 24 2013#4 of 8
heidimairimUser Since: Feb 2013Posts: 12I am replying to this post partly because I cannot seem to create a new headingof my own . I think I may have the opposite ; I have developed PVC's since trying the 5:2 fasting regime . Maybe at 53 it's too much of a shock for my body ? I have been keeping to the 500 calories per 'fasting' day with no difficulty by having only liquids - mostly big volumes of diet drinks . I've never had them before .

I don't smoke , drink about 2-3 units a week , slightly overweight , have about 4 coffees & a cola a day so not excessive caffeine either .I was diagnosed last week , I can feel the palpitations , they don't bother me but are pretty frequent , I managed 2 in 12 seconds , I haven't had a Holzer . Tell me more about heart monitors , complete ignorance as it's cancer all the way in my family .
Posted Feb 28 2013#5 of 8
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi heidimairim,

You're right about not being able to start a thread. This site is still in beta, and I forgot to implement this in the first release. I will get this addressed asap.

Your self-description sounds just like me. I also drink coffee but not excessively and I'm just a little overweight.

Re heart monitors, I had one for 24 hours, and the result was just occasional PVCs. I forget the terminology they used, but the information wasn't very informative.

One of the posters here developed an Android application which could be of great interest. Apparently, it only records heart rate, but I am planning to look into it a bit more as I think it could be a very useful tool.

Posted Mar 29 2013#6 of 8
heidimairimUser Since: Feb 2013Posts: 12My PVC's went on for about a month especially at night . I have been free of them for 3 weeks now by stopping 5:2 fasting ( 500cals 2 days a week , eat normally 5 days ) & diet drinks - I kept within the 500cals by having lots of diet drinks to fill me up . Also cutting down caffeine to 1 a day , I love caffeine & it has been hard , mood swings & headache . I have drunk caffeine every day for about 50 years , having been given cola as a toddler . Surprising I have any teeth left ! I have craved chocolate & alcohol instead so it isn't sugar or booze causing PVC's with me .

I had been very busy & short-staffed at work , I took a day off in the middle of the week annual leave for several weeks & felt much better in myself . My best friend died of cancer after just 3 months illness just before Xmas & the funeral was mis-January . Maybe hidden grief can give you a broken heart literally ? I have had a new boss for about 3 months , he is much better than the previous - I think stress & caffeine were the things for me . Fasting & suddenly having lots of artificial sweeteners maybe ?

I'm going to try reintroducing the 5:2 fasting today but without lots of diet drinks , see if I'm OK . I don't want to diet , my cousins have dieted all their lives & they are much fatter than me .

Posted Mar 30 2013#7 of 8
AndyRewUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 22heidimairim

You sound a little like me. I lived most of my life eating stuff that the modern food police are always telling us is bad.

I drink loads of caffeine. I'm not much of a chocolate eater, but I drink loads of coffee. I am a PVC sufferer, but I honestly don't think the caffeine impacts me at all. I am not just living in denial, I honestly think caffeine is something that affects different people in a different way.

This fasting thing is interesting. I have heard from various sources in the past that fasting is actually good for you. I keep saying I am going to try it, but I love food too much!!!
Posted Oct 20 2013#8 of 8
She11 be11User Since: Oct 2013Posts: 1I have to agree here, I have been suffering from diagnosed PVC'S for just over a year. I have always felt strange beats at varying times but just thought it was normal. I used to notice them with alcohol, and just thought that was an affect off it that everyone got. It's only since being diagnosed that I realise the alcohol may have been a contributing factor to the pvc's but it's not something everyone gets when drinking. I hardly drink now and have never smoked. I do however have a high sugar diet and find that sugar will be a big factor to brining on pvc's. I often feel extremely tired after having a bag so sweets but more and more often now I feel the pvc's aswell. The other thing I have found that effects them is a lack of sleep. I am a shift worker and often struggle to get the sleep I need. I do find that when I have had a particular bad night I will get more pvc's the next day.

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