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UserID: rompecorazon Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 03 2010
Thread Started: Sep 03 2010 Last Post: Sep 30 2010 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 17

SO GLAD we have this site

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Posted Sep 07 2010#11 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12Thanks Phil i will try this.
the picture is pretty small, i will work on that.

I wanted to mention yet again this author sherry rogers. She has a book out dedicated to heartburn.
Its called "No more hearburn"

You should look this book up as you will see (if you already havent ofcourse) how this ties in to our health.
Ive had my own problems with digestion, but they are related to overuse of analgesics e.g. motrin, alleve, advil for headaches that i have, but it causes leaky gut just the same. Its all intertwined..
Please look into this book if you have a chance, and talk soon!
Posted Sep 09 2010#12 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228I have read several heartburn cure eBooks and many of them are written (so it seems) by people without any experience of the condition, but on researching Dr Sherry Rogers on the web, she appears to be one of the more reputable eBook writers.

One thing I have always maintained (and have touched on it in some of my articles) is that good nutrient absorption is essential for health so sufficient levels of stomach acid (HCL) is important, I mean why else would we have stomach acid if we didn’t need it? I proved myself that eliminating all gastric enzymes is a recipe for disaster. Now I won't go anywhere near medicines like PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors).

Apple Cider Vinegar has worked wonders for me. But like mentioned in other parts of this site, no natural remedy is a substitute for good diet. I mean if someone wants to live of burgers and junk food, the apple cider vinegar won’t work (at least not so successfully). Furthermore pharmaceutical remedies are little more than a quick fix and a huge business, so many people in the western world are a slave to it. If a person wants to feed and live off rubbish, then manufactured medicines will be the only thing that will help them. And THAT’S where the problems really start.
Posted Sep 09 2010#13 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12This country lives off the pharmaceuticals medicines or i should say the pharmaceurticals live off of our money, and its a racket, a business. Its also politcal ofcourse, and i am not very studied up on that but enough to know that they rip us off, and the doctors know it and work with them.

Im needing to get some mothers apple cider vinegar, and try a bit, havent gotten around to it.
I was in yesterday to see my mother's cardio guy . She has been in A-fibrillation for a few days now.
It was really nice to talk to a new lady nurse practitioner who understands psvc/pac's because she has them herself.
she confirmed that our hormones (women) are strongly coorelated with these beats as we get older, and its a fact that during last two weeks of the cycle my heart is always much more fidgety.

Her male doctor is excellent but this lady i could relate to much more.
She isnt conerned with them but they stress her out also. She tells me also that laying on your left side is worse. (i am so glad to hear im not crazy)
and that you cant talk yourself out of them, they just happen no matter what.

You are most certainly right in that our manufactured meds are causing many ailments and we dont see it that way. We think that we are supposed to get old and take meds and die early. It doesnt have to be that way.

Posted Sep 09 2010#14 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228My mum is taking a drug to control cholesterol (I forget what it’s called) and rumour has it that this drug caused dramatic problems with mobility. In just 1 year of taking this drug, my Mum cannot walk without the aid of a walking stick. Only 4 years before taking them, we all went off to Disney/Universal in Florida, did all the attractions and must have walked a hundred miles in that time. Mum never had any problems at all!!! But I am fairly certain she could not do the same thing now!

Also, my Dad went to see the nurse about blood pressure etc, and his BP turned out to be perfect 110/70 (very good for a 68 year-old). The nurse seemed disappointed that she could not prescribe drugs! It almost seems like there is a commission base there or something. One thing’s for sure, they prescribe drugs far too easily these days. Half of these drugs have been rushed into market and who knows what long term affects they may have.
Posted Sep 11 2010#15 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12Im hoping you get a chance to find out what exactly she is taking because that doesnt sound right that she is having that much difficulty with her mobility. I would definately find out. It may or may not have to do with it, but you mentioned doing so much walking not too long ago.
do you have an idea of her health history? well, talk later, i was mad this morning at 5am and i felt like lying on my left side but afraid to do so, to hell with it i said to myself and laid on my side anyways.
not too comfortable but i did it.
Posted Sep 16 2010#16 of 17
sonor52User Since: Sep 2010Posts: 1Hi Phil
I think it's great you starting up this website.Just to reassure some people out there worried about PVCS,I'm a healthy fit 52yr old male,having episodes since my mid 20's.First tests about the time of onset showed no heart abnormalities,the next visit to cardiologist 10yrs ago same and told me don't worry the're harmless.Then,all of a sudden,about 2 months ago,in the middle of training for a 14km fun run, & after a night out with a few beers,they came on really frequently( it seemed 15-20 a minute).After a visit to the emergency department ( I thought I was really in trouble! ),blood tests,xrays,ecg's,I was told to go & see a cardio and not to worry about them,unless I got chest pain,fainting,etc,etc.I had a Holter monitor test which showed OVER 11,000 PVC'S in a 24 hour period! 3 weeks ago I saw a cardio for the third time,had stress ecg,cardioechogram,all normal. He said they were caused by a bunch 0f "excited' cells in my heart tissue.they were benign,completely harmless & not to worry about them.When I asked him about treatment,he said I didn't need any.A gp prescribed a beta blocker for me about 2 yrs ago for slight hypertension,& the meds seemed to keep the pvc's under control until recently. I've tried eliminating things from my diet,coffee,alcohol.I've tied aloe vera soft gel capsules,cq10,vitamin c,fish oil,you name it.Nothing seems to work.But I don't get them at all when I'm running,only afterwards when my HR slows down. Ialso have suffered from IBS for about the same amount of time that I,ve had the pvc's.Since going to the cardio last time,I don't worry about them as much,but they still bother me a lot,
and I'm now on a mission to find that "miracle cure"I'm open to anyone's ideas and suggestions.Thanks for listening.
Mark from Australia.

Posted Sep 30 2010#17 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi folks,

Sorry I have been away for a while and only got around to login in today.

Over the weekend I will try and find 30 minutes to sit down and reply properly. Until then, take care.


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