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UserID: rompecorazon Type: CurePVCs Joined: Sep 03 2010
Thread Started: Sep 03 2010 Last Post: Sep 30 2010 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 17

SO GLAD we have this site

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Posted Sep 03 2010#1 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12I sure hope you posters out there keep posting because i need the support as we all do.

So i was reading a book by Sherry A Rogers. She is an MD and also a naturpath, and a lot of other things for that matter, but she is so radical I think she would scare most people away.
The scary
thing to me, is that much of what she writes about rings true in regards to our malnutrition and how we are off chemically, and we do not absorb nutrients like we used to. The environment is huge, and we are pretty much toxic as far as she is concerned (cadmium, mercury etc)

So having said that, its true that we can be off in our nutrition, and we dont get the electryolytes and nutrients we need. I dont believe however that we all have the PVC"s or PAC's for the same reason.
Our hearts
are so unique. But its definately a conduction issue.
What i find frustrating is as you all know, doctors all say its fine and benign. NO its not. Something is OFF if you are skipping beats.

I myself have an arryhthmia, (SVT) which noone is concerned about, i have about 8 episodes a year so no biggie. But it is really stressful to go through it
not knowing how to take care of your problem, and trying to maintain healthy habits.
Hope to hear from someone, glad i found this site.
Posted Sep 03 2010#2 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi Elizabeth,

Welcome to this site... It's been a little slow getting it off the ground, but my aim is to build a knowledgebase about PVCs. Everything you have mentioned above is absolutely true and nothing is too radical for me to believe so I might take a look at that book you mentioned. The mere fact that doctors tell us that PVCs are benign but then cannot tell us why it happens is almost a contradiction and suggests that they don’t really know much about it. Just because the heart rhythm problems themselves are rarely fatal, it doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

As mentioned, I have had some trouble getting this site off the ground. As you may have noticed from the previous posts, people don’t seem to come back very often, but I am hoping that gradually I will be able to build up membership and expand on the knowledgebase from peoples variations in this condition.

I am the developer of the website as well as a contributor. So let’s hope we can get people here to contribute. There are vast amounts of health sites and forums out there, but because they are generic health sites with just some threads on PVCs search engines like Google will often just return the same stories but from multiple sites. Since this site is dedicated to PVCs, hopefully it will become a great repository for information on the subject.

Again welcome and I hope this site can help you.

Posted Sep 03 2010#3 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12Lovely and thank you for responding so prompt; well you are the chief here so its great.

If I can help at all I will or itleast try and support this site because let me tell is much needed, and so many people are just not in touch with their hearts - no pun intended -
but they may be experiencing things they are dismissing. Most people I have spoken with in regards to skipped beats, have experienced them, themselves, but very infrequently.

You are really on to something and its refreshing to see that more people are trying to narrow this thing down, as you say, it all gets lumped into generic cardiac stories, perhaps arryhmias, then you get to pvc/pac, and it stops there with 'benign'.

This lady i mentioned to you, Sherry A Rogers, has another book as well, i just checked it out at the library, called
"Against All Odds" and it is much the same as the other book, mabye a little bit older, but WOW, she is a die hard.
She basically says that it gets down to "adaptation of our environment" and how chronic disease develops etc.
I will say that she is radical
but again i cant deny the stuff she is coming up with. It is headspinning. She ties together chronic pain, with nutrient deficiencies, and the hyperpermeable gut that causes the immune system to respond in which case many food allergies are developed. Why and how does this tie in with arrhythmias? Well, magnesium deficiency can often times go undiagnosed and if not diagnosed can target other smooth muscles such as the coronary artery..there is angina, and boom PVC's etc.

Enough for now, but honestly i keep going back to her books. When you read them you wont know where to begin because we have pollutetd our bodies so much with the envirnoment alone. People dont even look like they used to 30-40 yrs ago. People's hair doesnt shine like it used to, our soil has degraded over the years, and nutrients in the veggies and fruit has deteriorated. Aren't you glad I joined the site? ha ha ha.

Anyways its interesting reading to say the least. I get pac's and pvc's whichever ones they are, about once or twice a day, and i just deal with them. Im a nonsmoker/drinker, im straight and narrow. Doesnt seem to matter. One thing i dont give up is coffee, shame on me.
Thanks again, great chatting

Posted Sep 04 2010#4 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12not to be a pessimist, but you mentioined heart rhythm problems not being fatal, or rarely fatal, but the bummer is that they are potentially fatal. Most often they wont be but they can convert easily if not managed properly.

Many times people go into surgery, and come out post op with an arrythimia or complication and its often to a magnesium deficiency, rbc copper or rbc zinc. They should be checked at all cost.
Im going to get a magnesium assay test (not a serum) to see how much i even have.

I worry a lot about this because i have small children and they need me for a while yet. If it werent for the little guys i would not be as worried..not nearly.

They can say benign all they want, but a pvc can convert into a V-tach and sometimes does and you dont even know it.
Im optimistic though that I will live to be itleast 65.

Im going to chug back a bit of the apple cider for good measure i think. We have Mothers here whee i live, in Redmond, its been around a long time i believe. I will try ANYthing.
Posted Sep 04 2010#5 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Further to what you said about rhythm problems are potentially fatal, I was thinking about this in bed last night and you could be right. One thing I have often wondered about is SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome). The medical industry has no idea what it is and why it happens, but if a PVC is severe enough, maybe there's the chance that the heart may go into cardiac arrest!? Maybe that would explain SDS?

I also agree with what you mean about your children. Last Monday, my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl, and the last thing I want is my new daughter and wife to struggle without me, so I want to look further into healthy nutrition and try to compensate for the processed food lifestyle I have fallen victim to over the years.

I've gotta dash for now because baby's crying :-)

Take care Phil
Posted Sep 04 2010#6 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12CONGRATULATIONS
Wonderful wonderful!
Cry cry cry right?

that is awesome, and you must be very proud, just a week ago?
Ive been reading on this site and you have lots of great information.
You already talk about the electrolyte balance and nutrition.

Ive really fallen for the processed food as most of us have.
I think we just need to take charge of our health and not give up.
Right now im drinking a detox formula that is made up of supplemenets that help you get rid of toxins.
I know its not directly related to the pvc's but im trying the holistic approach.

1,000 vit c - powder form that has the electrolytes and b vitamins
you take 300 mg of alpha lipoic acid - with biotin and
500 mg of acetyl-L-Cysteine both of which i know very little about other than this author recommends them to help detoxify and get rid of all sorts of environments insults, e.g. mercury , cadmium. Its a start. Im drinking black tea and trying to sweat itleast 3x a week because its the only true way to get things out of your system.

I must say its ALL TIED TOEGETHER. Its so hard to follow though. I may be doing all of this and still have the pvc's who knows but itleast i need to make an effort and do this for 6 months to see if there is benefit. I know it helps tons with the digestion so i should help with the heart.

Congratulation again! You will have to share a photo of your baby. Im trying to post a photo myself but having difficulties.
i reduced the KB to 225, but it doesnt take.

Ta ta , and get some rest.

Posted Sep 04 2010#7 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12I did not comment on sudden cardiac death. Dont worry about it. I dont intend to scare you i am just a hypochondriac at heart - no pun here-
and look at the worst case scenario. I just dont think they are right. They dont FEEL right. They are dreadful in my opinion.
I just know that as you say, the electrolytes and nutrition play a part i dont know how small or big but it plays a part in our heart function.
Its the conduction system were talkin about so its only logical.
After you skip beats how do you feel afterwards? Are there any reminent effects or feelings you get?
I feel like the cardiac system is going back to normal and its a wierd feeling like its pain, just a lingering effect of the skipping. It really sucks.

Anyways wanted to clarify. I dont think our rhythm is too terribly dangerous but it is not right and it is not normal thats all.
Take care.
Posted Sep 05 2010#8 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Our new addition to the family is actually quite content. She does have problems with a bit of wind sometimes, but then who what baby doesn't? She's a little angel whichever way I look at her!

On interesting thing you mentioned in your last post is about sweating...
I went to Thailand for about 9 months in 2007 and I can honestly say I had never felt so good. The ironic thing is, contrary to what the medical industry tries to tell us here in the U.K, I was eating lots of Thai food which is quite heavy in salt. The difference is I was at the gym most days and was always sweating. PVCs gone, blood pressure back down to 110/75 and just simply felt great! Now, 3 years later I am back in the U.K straying back into the daily grind and the PVCs are creeping back! But at least I have an idea of what the problem is so I am able to act on it again.

I have sorted out that problem with uploading photos. I recently moved this web to a different host, and the security had not been set up on the server. You should be able to upload a pic now.

Until later...
Posted Sep 05 2010#9 of 17
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12For some reason i posted a few posts but they are not showing up.
shoot, i wrote a bunch, oh well!
so this is your precious cargo! congratulations my goodness she is a doll.
hope you are sleeping because sleep as you know is so important for our health and our tickers
hope to talk soon, i will try to upload a picture of my boys

Posted Sep 06 2010#10 of 17
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Sorry about that loss of posts. I have been looking though my logs to see if any error have been logged, but there's none, so I'm not sure what happened there! Sorry about that, but please let me know if it happens again.

The first couple of days when we brough little one home it was a couple of tough nights, but we seem to have got her into a routine now. Last night she slept 10 hours! We're off to the hospital this morning just to do some routine tests, but so far she has been a little angel.

I noticed the image you uploaded has some white space in it which is why it shows up the way it does. Try trimming the white space and it will fill the image placeholder better. Don't worry if the image dimensions are bigger as long as the file size isn't over 250Kb as the system automatically changes the width to fit the panel, but the white area around the photo should be trimmed.
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