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UserID: AthleticGirl Type: CurePVCs Joined: Apr 01 2010
Thread Started: Apr 01 2010 Last Post: Feb 28 2013 Last Post By: heidimairim
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 9

Healthy lady looking for some reassurances

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Posted Apr 01 2010#1 of 9
AthleticGirlUser Since: Apr 2010Posts: 1I am a healthy female triathlete/runner and have been experiencing occasional ectopic heart beats. I'll usually get one or two a day for a couple days, and then might not notice them for another week or more. They happen both at rest and during exercise. I have mentioned them to doctors, and they tell me that they are premature ventricular contractions, and have also told me to just ignore them and not to worry as they are not harmful. I have done some research and have read that they are actually quite common and are usually benign.

I had an ECG/Echocardiogram/stress test a few months ago as a screening for MVP (mitral valve prolapse) and everything was perfectly normal, a completely healthy heart according to the cardiologist. However, being a bit of a hypochondriac, I'm still worried about them. I still can’t help freak out every time I get them, the flip-flop feeling I get in my chest is really scary!! The trouble is, more I worry about them, the more I get. Could getting stressed out about them increase the occurrences? I'm also looking for some extra reassurance that I can safely continue exercising....
Posted Apr 03 2010#2 of 9
TypersUser Since: Apr 2010Posts: 2You can safely exercise. They are scary, but harmless. I get very scared and they do spoil my days. I have heard that they are very common in athletes...most times people do not feel them. It seems anxiety makes them more noticeable
Posted Nov 08 2012#3 of 9
hairyfairyUser Since: Nov 2012Posts: 1I began to have ectopic beats now & again when I was 15, I had a doctor check me with a stethoscope & he ssaid I was fine. One day 10 years ago I began having them one after another, & I was so alarmed that I went to A&E at my local hospital. They put me on an EKG for half an hour & sent me home saying that I was ok, but I would be given an appointment for a treadmill test. I had the test, & also a 24 hour EKG. They told me that I had a benign condition called 1st degree heart block, & that it`s common in athletes & very fit people, & that it doesn`t require treatment. I know that they were trying to reassure me, but it does sound scary, especially as there`s heart disease in my family.

Posted Nov 09 2012#4 of 9
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi hairyfairy,

I can relate to your situation. I cycle all the time, both commuting and for fitness and sports.
I have not been diagnosed the same as you, but what you're explaining sounds very similar to me. I may well get an appointment to see if that's my trouble.

I've always resigned to it being plain and simple PVCs, but now I'm not so sure.
Posted Dec 01 2012#5 of 9
tanya123User Since: Dec 2012Posts: 2I have the same issue as you... and it's actually causing me to stop exercising I get so freaked out over these skips and flip flops... very hard to try to just simply live with them... they can wreck havoc on your peace of mind.
Posted Dec 03 2012#6 of 9
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi tanya,

I know exactly what you mean. Because doctors don't know what to do about PVCs and they believe they are not dangerous, the simply tell us to put up with it. That's easy for them to say!

Personally, I have for all intents and purposes reduced my PVCs to a level they no longer bother me, but if they had have continued the way they were 7 years ago when they were at their peak, I know they would have driven me mad.

The problem with these darn things is that they probably are quite easy to reduce, if only we knew what was causing the problem. I do believe that the causes are different for everyone and that's why the cause of these horrible things are so elusive!

Please keep us updated with any progress.

I am currently re-designing this website which will include timelines and profiling. The idea behind this is it should give users ideas about what they may not have tried.

Posted Feb 24 2013#7 of 9
heidimairimUser Since: Feb 2013Posts: 12I am not particularly fit/unfit 53 woman , slightly overweight , doing yoga . I am just diagnosed at A&E & was having roughly 50:50 PVC's to normal beat . My GP didn't bother to have a Holzer monitor as I had 2 PVC's on a 12 second trace at the hospital . I'm having a bloodtest for thyroid levels next week .
You are lucky that your doctor has decided to do so much to investigate & your PVC's infrequent . I am still commuting to work & doing a 12-hour plus day as usual . At least I can see from your post that I will be able to continue walking , dancing & doing yoga , I've been frightened to do anything this week .
Posted Feb 28 2013#8 of 9
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228heidimairim,

Please let us know your results of the thyroid (preferably in your timeline). Over/under active Thyroid is something I have often wondered about myself.

I have read up on this and many of the symptoms it can cause I have experienced. Depending on your feedback, I may well ask my doctor for a similar test.

Posted Feb 28 2013#9 of 9
heidimairimUser Since: Feb 2013Posts: 12I've had Wed & Thurs off work annual leave to rest as we have been short-staffed & I was tired . I feel less tired but the PVC's happen intermittently . They stopped for several days then started again . They seem to get worse when I lay down .

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