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UserID: PVCMan Type: Facebook Joined: Oct 01 2009
Thread Started: Mar 25 2010 Last Post: Nov 27 2012 Last Post By: PVCMan
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 25

How I got rid of my PVCs and why the doctors were wrong all along!!! ~EM8EM~

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Posted Mar 25 2010#1 of 25
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi all,

Please read all of this post if you suffer from PVCs. Although this first part is primarily about heartburn, this post ultimately concerns PVCs. I have been suffering with PVCs for around 9-10 years now, with a gradual increment of intensity and frequency.

I am currently 38 and I have suffered with heartburn since I was a child. After a lot of research and subsequent thought about acid reflux I came to the conclusion that my heartburn is the result of not enough stomach acid (HCl or hydrochloric acid) and not too much of it (like the doctors try to tell everyone). So, I recently started taking natural Apple Cider Vinegar with 5% acidity (the one with all the stodgy stuff floating around inside).
This for me... has been a 99% cure.

Sound like a paradox taking acid to stop heartburn? Yeah, it certainly does, but until we have a total undisputed idea about exactly how the body functions, how can we make any assumptions?

Anyway, based on my research, apparently your stomach doesn't just produce HCl to digest food, the gall bladder and pancreas also produce bile & other digestive enzymes, but without proper production of HCl, you stomach doesn't digest food properly and will ultimately regurgitate enzymes up into your oesophagus.

Anyway, to the PVC issue. I started taking Omeprosole and then Lansoprazole (to control stomach acid/enzymes) about 9-10 years ago. I remember at the time I was working in a recording studio and needed to find a cure for my reflux. About 1-2 months after starting these PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) to eliminate my heartburn, I started to get these dreaded PVCs. I should add that the heartburn cure worked though!

The PVCs gradually got worse and worse and I ended up in A&E on a few occasions scared witless and not knowing what the problem was! However, since taking Apple Cider Vinegar for my heartburn, I have noticed a gradual reduction in my PVCs. Now, 6 months later after taking Apple Cider Vinegar 3 or 4 times daily, they have virtually disappeared all together! I have not been taking supplements of any type; I think my body is just absorbing vitamins and elements more efficiently from the food I eat. Also, I no longer need to take the PPIs because the Apple Cider Vinegar is sufficient.

I have read a lot of information on the web, and it seems that sufficient acid levels are essential for absorbing vitamins & minerals into the body (especially things like magnesium & potassium). I know it's well documented that magnesium and potassium can help reduce or eliminate PVCs, but what is less obvious is the underlying reason why people have deficiencies in these electrolytes.

I'm not saying that everyone who gets PVCs have a low acid stomach or that their PVC problems are totally due to these electrolyte deficiencies, but its worth thinking for a moment as to if and why you may not be absorbing these minerals, even when taking them as supplements.

I hope this helps people.

Posted Mar 31 2010#2 of 25
GermManUser Since: Mar 2010Posts: 1I do get a lot of indigestion. I am not taking any medicines for it except for antacids. My PVCs really come and go.

I think stress causes it sometimes, but I think there is more to it than just stress. I mean, everybody gets stress.

But reading your post, I really feel like maybe it is something to do with poor digestion.


Posted Apr 01 2010#3 of 25
DrBeatUser Since: Mar 2010Posts: 2--------QUOTE-------But reading your post, I really feel like maybe it is something to do with poor digestion.GermMan-----END QUOTE-----
You know, time and time again I read on the web where people go through the same process. They get these unexplicable symptoms, they go to the doctor, cardiologist etc and they all say the same things. Don't worry about it!!!

Thats easier said than done! I think the truth of the matter is, doctors rarely know what causes it and just don't have the time to look into it.

It seems many healthy people suffer with this condition who have perfectly healthy hearts. But it is also common knowledge that the electrical system that controls the hearts rhythmn can be put out of whack. Like PVCMan, I am convinced either diet or some form of lack of dietry absorption has something to do with it.

Posted Apr 03 2010#4 of 25
TypersUser Since: Apr 2010Posts: 2I agree. Mine came out of nowhere and I wish they'd go back. I did have heartburn for a while but its gone, so I am not sure mine are from that.

I did have a bout of IBS and did have stress for years before they appeared.

I do know people who had them and they just went, only to come back now and then when there is stress or anx.
Posted Apr 13 2010#5 of 25
IntelliBodUser Since: Apr 2010Posts: 1I am not totally convinced that the cause of PVCs is the same for everyone.

I know there are the usual causes spoken of by doctors, but I think there is more to it than that. ~EM3EM~
Posted Jul 19 2010#6 of 25
poger67User Since: Jul 2010Posts: 1I'm curious how long it was between starting the apple cider vinegar you noticed a reduction in PVCs.

My info - I'm 43, was casually diagnosed with acid reflux /gerds about 8 years ago. Took prilosec for a while then weened off it and the ar/gerds had subsided. I'd occasionally get the burning subtle itchy feeling along the esophagus but it wasn't bad enough to get the meds again. Within the last 6 months though my Dr. put be on Omeprasole (2x per day) to help with an increase in symptoms. Before the Omeprasole I had 2 very mild (10 minutes - went away after eating) PVC episodes. In early June - after taking the Omeprasole fairly regularly for a month I had about a 5 day PVC episode that scared me to the ER. They sent me home after a couple hours. Talked to my Dr. who sent me to a cardiologist. All tests so far are 100% negative for any heart problems and he diagnosed it as PVC and put me on a beta blocker. Since then I've had 2 episodes of PVCs, one about 6 hours and then one lasting from yesterday afternoon through to now. And I've been taking the omeprasole again. Now that I've read this I want to stop that Omepasole to see if the PVCs subside.

In general my PVCs are almost always while sitting or lying on my back. They are not activity / exercise related at all (after stress test I was fine for over a week). In general they tend to start mid afternoon.

The more I've searched for connections between acid refulx and gerds and PVCs the more I believe that at least for some people there's a relation.

Posted Jul 20 2010#7 of 25
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi Poger67 and welcome to our forums…

Reading your story sounds oh so familiar… When I started taking apple cider vinegar, the effect on the acid reflex was relatively quick. But it took a month or two before my PVCs eased off.

The other thing I also did as part of my lifestyle change was look closer at what I ate. There were a number of things that used to cause my reflux, but I used to consume too much processed foods, too much fat and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. As part of my lifestyle change, I introduced meals that revolved around vegetables, potatoes and meat as a supplement rather than the staple.

In a nutshell, I don’t think it was the apple cider vinegar alone that cured my PVCs, but a combination of controlling my reflux and eating healthy allowed my body’s electrolytes to shift back into balance.

Hope this helps.

Posted Sep 03 2010#8 of 25
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12First i need to say how glad i am that they have this site.

I think the apple cider vinegar makes a whole lot of sense.
Im reading a rather radical but unnerving book by an author named sherry a rogers "Detox or Die" is the name of the book

She talks about how our bodies are really lame at absorbing nutrients and mag and pot deficits are so common
there is so much to be done about it its overwhelming e.g. testing, detox, immune support, the list goes on

thanks for sharing. God bless you too
Posted Oct 01 2010#9 of 25
osamaelazabUser Since: Oct 2010Posts: 1Im suffering from heartburn and reflux since more than 20 years and was taking irregular treatment as rantidine and somtimes proton pupm inhibitors the I start to get pvc since 15 years which is variable in intinisty and frequency it disturb my life I did many ecg and echocardiography most of the cardiologiest tell me that you are free from hear disease and the problem in your stomach since that time I using rantidin or omeprazol with motilium in separet times . and nothing I can do more

Posted Oct 01 2010#10 of 25
AndyRewUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 22Hi osamaelazab,

Did you get to read the story by the PVCMan "My Personal Story"?
Might be worth reading, it's quite interesting and looks related to your situation.

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