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UserID: Newbie101 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Mar 15 2010
Thread Started: Mar 15 2010 Last Post: Mar 07 2016 Last Post By: SueCurry
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 6

Been diagnosed with PVCs!!! ~EM2EM~

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Posted Mar 15 2010#1 of 6
Newbie101User Since: Mar 2010Posts: 2Hi all, I have been diagnosed by my doctor as having PVCs. Is this something I can get over!!! I have read information on the web and some of the info on this site but it is a bit overwhelming!!!

Posted Mar 15 2010#2 of 6
PVCManUser Since: Oct 2009Posts: 228Hi Newbie1...

Welcome to

I know it can all seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but the condition isn't that complicated it's the ambiguous knowledge surrounding the issue that is the problem.

Have you gone through any recent changes in your life?

Posted Mar 17 2010#3 of 6
Newbie101User Since: Mar 2010Posts: 2Hi PVCMan, I wouldn't say anything has changed in my life specifically, but my work is getting very difficult because of the economic climate.

I went to the doctor and told him this, and he immediately drew the conclusion that this was the problem... But I am not convinced!

Posted Mar 18 2010#4 of 6
HealthyChefUser Since: Mar 2010Posts: 4Hi Newbie1

Yah, this is the problem....
Most quacks are just not prepared to listen! I would start by seeing a cardiologist, just to make sure there is no other problems with your health. Once you've done this, try making some changes to your life.

Start with your diet!
Posted Sep 03 2010#5 of 6
rompecorazonUser Since: Sep 2010Posts: 12how are you doing with the pvc's?
i noticed some time has gone by.
im new to the site.
Posted Mar 07 2016#6 of 6
SueCurryUser Since: May 2015Posts: 2

Several types of diagnostic tests are conduct in a laboratory through the help of tools present at to identify whether a person has any disease or not. In case if your doctor suspects that you might have PVC (premature ventricular contractions) then they might prescribe an electrocardiogram (ECG) to sense the extra beats and recognize their pattern along with sources.

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