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UserID: Pippy1945 Type: CurePVCs Joined: Nov 24 2009
Thread Started: Mar 13 2010 Last Post: Mar 13 2010 Last Post By: MerryGerry
Origin: General Topics Total Posts: 7

PVCs seem to be getting worse as time goes by...

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Posted Dec 01 2009#1 of 7
Pippy1945User Since: Nov 2009Posts: 3Hi all...

I suffer with PVCs which are apparently benign. Unfortunately they seem to be increasing as time goes on which is causing me concern.

There seem to be three causes… stress, certain eating habits and lying on my side.
Sometimes they come with or are relieved by belching. Does anyone have any idea what in the world is going on? If so, has anyone found remedies or relief?

Many thanks in advance.

Posted Dec 04 2009#2 of 7
AndyRewUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 22Hi,

Remember that Premature Ventricular Contractions are actually commonplace in most people. The problem for sufferers is the level at which they notice them.

Whatever is aggravating your condition, it sounds like something that can be stopped. It's one thing when a condition like this is steady, but if it is changing over time, then it must be something about you or your lifestyle that is doing it.

Referring back to some blogs on this site, could there be something about your diet or are you taking medicines?

Posted Mar 13 2010#3 of 7
Pippy1945User Since: Nov 2009Posts: 3Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply...

It's interesting that you should mention diet, because I have always loved chinese food. Although I must admit, I eat far too much of it!

I see on another site somewhere that MSG can agrevate heart rhythms, and I was wondering if that could be linked.
The trouble is, we recently moved into a new appartment, and literaly a few doors down is a Chinese take-away! ~EM11EM~

I am going to try and resist the urge, and see what happens over the coming weeks.


Posted Mar 13 2010#4 of 7
MerryGerryUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 2What is "MSG"? ~EM3EM~
Posted Mar 13 2010#5 of 7
Pippy1945User Since: Nov 2009Posts: 3Sorry... Monosodium Glutamate
Posted Mar 13 2010#6 of 7
MerryGerryUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 2Aha, thanks ~EM1EM~

Posted Mar 13 2010#7 of 7
ThaiLadyUser Since: Nov 2009Posts: 1Hi, As you may guess I am from Thailand, and we always use msg in our cooking. PVCs are not exist here in Thailand so i don't think it is the problem.

I never used to get PVCs but it is since i come here in Europe for 4 years that i started 2 experience. I think it is lifestyle here.


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