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UserID: PVCMan Type: Facebook Joined: Oct 01 2009
Thread Started: Feb 12 2013 Last Post: Oct 03 2020 Last Post By: Lismery
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Posted Nov 12 2014#21 of 23
redkatUser Since: Nov 2014Posts: 4OMG my eyelid twitches too !
Posted Oct 03 2020#22 of 23
LismeryUser Since: Oct 2020Posts: 2

Bluebonnet Hawthorn is (1) capsule, which gives you 200mg of Hawthorn Flower, Leaf Extract and 150mg of Hawthorn Berry Extract. If you use a non-standardized formula, the dosage may be up to 600 mg, (1) capsule 3x a day. And non-standardized formulas can vary from bottle to bottle. That's why I prefer the standardized formula... cost more, but you get what you pay for.

You may get results sooner than 4 weeks, but sometimes it takes a while for the level of Vitexin to reach the level that your heart needs for the PVC's to stop... or at least not be so bothersome.

If you do the research, you will see that in Europe, they have been using Hawthorn for Heart Failure for a long time.
Makes you wonder why our cardiologists don't suggest this supplement unless you bring it to their attention.
Mine said I could use it... and that he had many patients using it!!!

Posted Oct 03 2020#23 of 23
LismeryUser Since: Oct 2020Posts: 2Hello, is very interesting what you say about this supplement, I'm having constant PVC and I just got the Hawthorn, How are you feeling after taking this supplement? I don't know what to do anymore to stop it at least not make it happen to often. I will appreciate your response.Thank you.

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