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Where sufferers of Premature Ventricular Contractions work together

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Are you looking for answers? Want to learn from others? Got a solution to share? Want to know about remedies? Fed up with being scared? But your doctor cannot help...
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Read other sufferer stories. Engage in PVC timelines. Find out what has worked. Find out what hasn't worked. Get new ideas from others. Things you haven't thought of.
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Who is this site for?

This website has been compiled to provide help and advice to those suffering from Premature Ventricular Contractions (or PVCs for short). is a place where you can research information and view other people's stories and event timelines and discuss a variety of topics associated with this mostly benign, but distressing ailment.


The long-term objective of this website is to feature everything that is known about PVCs not from medical journals but from the people that suffer with the condition by way of a knowledgebase base compiled from those with first hand experience. Furthermore, this site is intended to accommodate not just sufferers of PVCs, but any other type of heart rhythm issues. is not owned by a company or by groups of specialists trying to sell you their medical advice. It is primarily driven by people like you that are suffering or have suffered with the condition.

As with so many ailments, the individuals experiencing them are ultimately the best people to be offering advice. This is simply because PVC's are generally benign in nature, and subsequently many medical practitioners dismiss the condition as a non-priority and just tell you not to worry about it. I once visited a doctor who simply told me to "live with it" and then made me feel like I was wasting his time by looking at his wristwatch. This sort of attitude of course is not much of a comfort to those that sufferer with the condition!

The vast majority of info-pages, stories and discussions you will find here are compiled by sufferers and individuals that need to share their thoughts and those who have made progress to overcome the disorder. Since chemistries often constitute dissimilarity in an individual, doctors and specialists are frequently unable to help since they largely rely on information and practices compiled through generalisation.

This doesn't mean that the medical industry is deficient in knowledge nor are these comments intended as a detriment to the medical industry's expertise. But if your doctor or specialist had successfully stopped your PVC's, you probably wouldn't have found your way to this site! If however a doctor or cardiologist has been able to help you, please share you experience with us in case that solution works for others to.

Please explore and join our community...

Please explore this web site, its discussions and user's stories, event timelines and discussions. Even if you cannot find a solution that helps you right now, please join our community and help build a knowledgebase. You only need an email address or a Facebook account to register, and we only require these to ensure you are a genuine individual. Your email will never ever be shared with anyone else or displayed on any pages of our website (unless of course you intentionally posted it there). Please review our privacy policy for further information on our practices with regards to member's details.

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